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Mariott Hotel Cebu City that was going to be our base for the next 3 days.


11.00 update:

What a long travel. After the 3 hour flight I could once again set foot on Philippines soil at 6am (there's one hour time diffrence between Bangkok and Manila) as Cebu Pacific flight 5J932 sat it's wheels on the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Now like I told you guys I ran out of cigs yesterday night and was unable to aquire any in Bangkok so the moment we landed and I realised that you could buy taxfree as an arriveing passenger / guess where I went? hehe

Then comes the complicated stuff - Imigration or well imigration is not really complicated in these parts of the world, but it's a lot of waiting first at imigrations and then at customs. Okay then directly over tp the shuttle bus for the domestic airport. Once in a while I do have to wonder - how can it take 3 people to drive a busbetween 3 terminals. Okay I can understand 2 because some of the suitcases are heavy as hell but 3??????? So once in a while I wonder if it wouldn't be better if the people who acctually had a job in this country got a descent payment for what they do and acctually do it, instead of hireing a complete army of underpaid workers to do nothing. But then again it's not up to me to preach politics.

Well safely arrived at the domestic terminal and now hell started to freeze over. First of all the line into the terminal was huge, boy doesn't anyone in Manila sleep long hours or do they all wake up with the geese?

Hmmm...well through first security control - a luggage and carry on baggage scan and bodysearch. FUCK! They stole my lighter - obviously lighters are now prohibited on domestic flights in the Philippines. Makes me wonder if they do take our lighters, then why do they have a smoking room after this point? Gee....

Check in took for ever...first waited in the line, then waiting for the check in person who was bussy with...whatever she was bussy with....

Okay termninal fee now, but now trouble really starts / they onley take cash (and had I just arrived ???)..anyway the guard said that there was an ATM machine outside, he offered to follow me and I accepted (knowing this extended service would not be free ) but since I didn't know the location and I began to be short on time it seemed like a good idea. That cost me PhP 500 in tips - not that I would ever give a 500 PhP tip but the freakin machine onley gave me 500 notes, and ofcourse a rerun on the entire circus with the pre check in security circus.

Well finally I managed to pay terminal fee, then all that was left was the final security check and I placed myself in the first line I noticed. Onley to be told when it bacame my turn that this was a ladies onley line - so all the way down to the back of the other line again. Who's ever heard somthing as stupid as a ladies onley line in a security check?

For once Cebu Pacific was on time, sorry I didnt mean to sound like I dislike the airline. They are acctually quite good and very service minded, they have a young and fresh staff and I like that, but unfortunately punctuality is not their strong side. But today we acctually landed in Mactan 15 min. early - cool / even though I was in the middle of a very nice nap.

And here comes one of the reasons why I like Cebuanos so much. Like I said the ATM machine onley provided me with 500 notes, but the taxi driver acctually managedto change it. Had this been in Manila......noway! But Cebuanos are just that more friendly, honest and serviceminded!

Well before I'm gonna get myself a nice writers cramp I think I better stop now and get out int the sun to play :) 

cax says:
yeah it was outrageous
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
travelphilippines says:
wow 500 tip for that guarddddd
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
cax says:
I know.....but it was a rush and I really didnt have a choise...
Posted on: May 05, 2008
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Mariott Hotel Cebu City that was g…
Mariott Hotel Cebu City that was …