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3rd day in Manila this time, and time to do some sightseeing.

My boyfriends still staying with me, but since we're back in Manila then he's also back at work during the day - which means I have to entertain myself through business hours. But then again how diffricult could that be in a big place like Manila?

My original plan for thius first day was to visit Palasyo Ng Malakanyang, so I flaged down the first available taxi that passed Gil Puyat. He was shocked when I told him where I wanted to go - and said this is gonna be at least one hour drive maybe more.

At first I was like, that can't be true it's in Manila for God's sake - but he insisted and said "Much better to do this on Sunday when it's less trafic".

I really did not know what to think, my logic told me he was wrong, but then again he insisted so hard that I didn't feel like takeing the risk of paying 500 php just to see a building, so new plan - I wanted to experience the zoo anyway so in the end I decided to ask him to drop me at the Manila Zoo.

Ladies and Gentlemen - here comes the first obvious case of government controlled tourist fraud, the pricelist at the Manila Zoo!!

If you live in Manila then the admission is 20 php, if not then it's 40 php. Now in a way I don't really mind because if everyone should pay 40 php then I'm sure that there's a lot of locals who'd never come because they'd prefer lunch, but this could've been done diffrently or more discreet. Even the jeepney driver who over charges you because you are white and not supposed to know the price does not say "Well this is kona price my friend" he just charge you, and if you don't know, you don't know.

Anyway I was very courious when I entered the zoo because I'd heard a lot of bad stuff about Maila Zoo - and sure it's in no way compatible to the one in Singapore of for that matter Givskud in Denmark, but it's nice and okay. Small yes, but for one it has a very nice tiger habitat and they seam to be doing good there. Acctually when I got to the tigers they were so active that I spend allmost 30 minutes with them alone..and got some great shots.

Besides tigers the zoo has a large collection of birds and crocodiles - A LOT of crocodiles and if I should make a sugestion for improvement it would be to exchange some of those crocodiles for a mate for the single elephant they've got.

Anyway the experience was good and much better then anticipated.

After the zoo I started to feel like it was lunch time so once again I flagged down a taxi and asked him to take me to Robinsson Place Mall. This was to solve two needs. 1). the need for lunch and 2). the need for another SD card.

Finding a photoshop at Robinsson was not diffricult - and now comes the fun part - the prices.

In Cebu I checked and was offered 2GB for 1695, in Dipolog i bought at 1995 and now in Manila 1010 php. Okay I know that theese things are more expensive in the provinces because of transportation - but 100%?? Sounds to me like it would be better for business to lower the prices and sell more. But ofcourse it's allways easier to run other peoples business.

Just the fun thing isn't over at all. Because in the same shop 1GB cost 500 php, and like I said 2GB 1010. Now since we were talking 10 php and a large card is more comfortable then two small I decided to go with the 2GB - but it apears weird.

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