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Through any travel that brings me to Manila I have a real must do - which is Chinatown. I just love going through the market, watching the vendors and see what's on sale here - and sometimes make a good deal, sometimes a bad deal.

I have to admit that when I passed the vendor selling fresh black tiger shrimps at 150 php/kg I was tempted because if anything tastes like heaven, it's black tiger shrimps - but get serious Mike, you can't get 'em home.

A lot of friends, co workers etc. had asked me to find them a nice watch, and I did find a few, but the selection this year really hasn't been as good as last year.

On the other hand sunglasses are really hot this year - every vendor had sunglasses so I got myself a few nice ones and a few for friends back home.

I also got a nice bag for my mum's birthday present and one for Hernie.

After having done all the nessecary shoping I returned to Binondo Church and started walking down Ongpin Street - just the opposite direction, where I've acctually never been. To my surprise I found that this part of Ongpin Street was loaded with goldsmiths and I decided to have a look around, gathering some information that I would be needing later on :) hehe

Well through with Chinatown I returned to the hotel for a shower and lunch at Jolibee (where else?) and set course for Intramuros. Last year I did go to Fort Santiago but I never got around to walk around the rest of the walled city.

Took the LRT to U.N. station and flaged down a taxi from there. Well two taxis acctually because the first one that stoped refused to go anywhere but Quezon City. The second however had no problem with Intramuros, so I got there, asked him to drop me at the gate and then started walking.

It is acctuallly a very nice part of Manila and since many of the old buildings and great walls are still intact, you really feel history move around you in here.

I did however not stay as long as I wanted to because I started geting pissed off with kids beggng for money when what they really should do is to be in school, which is also why I allways look very angry at them and tell them to fuck off while I point in the opposite direction.

I allways get amazed about this. It should be the parents who were on the streets, working or begging for money, while they send their children to school, but no no, they just wait around the corner to collect what the kids has recived - what kind of an upbringing is this?

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