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My wife in Santa Maria Novella station

We left the wonderful city of Rome before sunrise. Not that we didn't want to stay there any longer, but I remember our initial plan was to be back in Milan for the New Year, and we only had a day in our schedule before New Year's eve. It was our friends Ariel and a young couple Kim and Mayette who accompanied us to the station that early morning. With our Globalpass and pre-booked boarding tickets in my hand, I recall having to wait for some time at the station for the first train to come out from depot. Yes, we were that early! There was untoward exchanges of words with a couple of people at customer service that I was involved in, the day before at this station, but I intend not to recollect that moment for the sake of generally good experience we had there in Rome.

I guess, what I learned from this travel: occasional bumps and snags can happen, but don't let that ruin the rest of your journey. You still have to be prepared to enjoy the remaining trips of your adventure with zest.

Our cabin was a step-up from standard, but not a private one this time. There were actually just another couple or two of tourists with us on the same car (carousel), and except from the occasional server who would bring us snack or newspaper, it was a travel with exceptional quiet and comfort.      

It was past ten in the morning when we approached Santa Maria Novella station in Firenze. The station is not as impressive as what city of Milan has, but nevertheless, it has its own character. The walls, entrance, and pillars have a touch of ruggedness to them, probably because the stonewall used has a hint of marble finish to it.

Uscita "Exit"
Across the other side of the wall and overhead the shops' and restaurants' entrance, if I remember it correctly, is a long mural showing a collection of  oversized photographs, which from what I assumed are twentienth century shots of either the city of Firenze or the Santa Maria Novella train station itself when it was newly built . Over at the other side of the platform is a concourse noticeably brighter as opossed to the rest of the station because of its glass ceiling. The sunlight just freely fooded that whole area of the concourse. I found it truly inviting, and therefore, I can say that even with my untrained eyes, it was at least a thoughtfully designed station. There are, of course, plenty of fine restaurants and nice souvenir shops within the station to cater to travellers.

There was this first impression of Firenze that I felt differently as compared from other cities of Italy we visited days earlier - the weather. I remember taking off some layers of my clothing for the first time since we arrived in Europe. It must be between 15 - 20 degrees Celcius. It was windy, but not cold and the sun was just out through the whole time that we were here.

We grabbed a quick lunch of sandwich from a restaurant and off we headed out from the station. TO BE CONTINUED...

mga_galang_paa says:
I have, but it's going to be on my succedding entries... ha ha! The weather was perfect.
Posted on: May 28, 2008
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My wife in Santa Maria Novella sta…
My wife in Santa Maria Novella st…
Uscita Exit
Uscita "Exit"
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photo by: Vikram