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So sadly, I had to spend my 23rd birthday slaving away in the ICU, but thanks to working nights and having an awesome friend, I got to go out and celebrate the night before!

Thanks to being in that god-awful internship, not knowing anyone, and being seemingly hard to meet new people in the Norfolk area that were not interested in getting into your pants, I had not really had a chance to see much of the area at this point. My good friend Sam, was also from out of state, and we were not only the youngest ones in our intership (his birthday's only 3 weeks before mine), we were the youngest ones ON THE WHOLE UNIT. They called us "the babies," which Sam and me didn't mind so much (it was the truth!), but the other interns (mostly in their 30's) resented.

We both surprisingly had a weekend night off together, and we decided to celebrate my birthday in style! Plus we were determined to to find somewhere to dance other than the gay clubs. We'd heard of this restaurant across the street from the hospital called the Wine House. It was set up in out of the historic houses at the end of Colley Ave, and we drove by it everyday on our way to work. We decided to eat there, but were too disorganized to make reservations. Luckily, we only had to wait about 30 minutes (not bad for a Friday night!), and in the meantime, Sam's BF and his friend that had flow in from NY met up with us. It was super loud in there, we could hardly talk much. I ordered a bottle of Sauvingnon Blanc, hoping to all share, but it ended up being just me and Sam going at it. I remember the food being really good, I had Thai coconut shrimp, Sam had a meditarranian pasta dish. Chris and his friend had some boring salad they barely touched.

We skipped out on dessert, as we wanted to get down with our bad selves! Chris and his friend wanted to go to the beach instead (namby pamby pansies!) so me and Sam head out on our own. We made it downtown, parked on Plume street. Yay for free parking! Although it's not really free... but the lady collecting leaves after 10pm and there's never anyone at the gate afterwards.

We were gonna have fun!!! Go dancing!!! Uhh... except there's no where to dance in downtown Norfolk. We went into every single "club" between Plume Street and Brambleton Ave, and there was NO ONE dancing! People had recommended lots of clubs to us... Se7en, Guadalajara, Scotty Quixx... not to mention the nameless others, but they were all just bars! Or Meat Markets really. No one was dancing and everyone was sizing you up... uh! So not fun! Bummed with a dieing buzz, we found a coffee/gelato shop still open, and decided it was a great time for dessert.

Well, the guy behind the counter was drunk. No seriously, he was trashed. And when he found out it was my birthday, along with giving me all the lesbian hang-outs in town, pulled out a couple of bottle of rum and vodka from under the counter. (fyi, Sam's a gay man, I'm not, but it makes for interesting situations and I play along for funsies...). So before you know it, we're getting smashed on cheap vodka with the ice cream man and a couple of newpaper publicists that happened to walk in around the same time... one of the girls said something about my skin being "so beautiful" and when the vodka ran out, the gelato man tried to give me rum. Seeing as I'm allergic to all things sulfate including rum, and the gelato man obviously did not comprehend this, we decided it best to move on... he did have some mighty fine hazelnut gelato though.

After trying a few more sad "clubs"... One being a "jazz club" that played too-loud house... we ended up, way to overdressed, at our favorite watering hole on Plume Street, Mo and O'Malley's! We had a couple of beers, laughed about our sad attempt to find dancing, and Sam got the musician to gurgle out something like "Happy Birthday to Lulu!"

Still determined to dance, we ended up at The Wave, which was nearly empty except for a few dodgy old men and a drag queen/cross-dresser with a giant fan. Oh well, at least we had plenty of dance floor and the cover was only $3! It was too late to try to go down to the beach, so we just did what we ment to do all night... Get Down with our Bad Selves!!! One point we started completely goofing off, tap-dancing, doing some terrible tango, and the drag queen started fanning us down! She said "You two are hot! You look like you're having so much fun! You go girl!"

Haha... that's right, Sam and Lulu, bringing the party to YOUR place.

When closing time rolled around, we realized we were hungry... and we wanted coffee! So we went to the only place at the time that could provide pancakes, omlettes and an endless cup of joe at 3am... IHOP. Oh, they knew us there a little too well, and between food, chatting, and watching all the drunk sailors/college kids/gay guys/thugs come in for some way early morning bacon and eggs, I didn't get home 'til almost 5am.

Ah... now that's a good night.

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