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Doug and I went to bed last night knowing that we were going to have a day of traveling ahead of us. We woke at nine, had our typical eggs/toast and went about our merry way…heavy backpacks and all.
We walked down the street and tried to "wheel and deal" rates for a taxi ride to the dock. We were heading over to an island called Ometepe. This island is formed by to volcanoes one on each side of the island. So as you can imagine we were looking forward to a week in ecstasy.
We talked to about three taxi drivers until we found a guy that almost agreed with our price. He pulled over and told us (with a lot of hand gestures because our Spanish is not up to the standards that it should be while traveling in South America) we needed to meet his friend because he had a better car for traveling.
This sounded fishy to me as well but you are out for an adventure when traveling so you shut your eye and hope for the best.
While waiting for his friend, the taxi driver flexed a bit of his English skills on us. We could see that holding a conversation with him was easy and the fear of the ride would disappear along with the demons that were making me worry.
He asked us," What is your favorite music?" This is one of the hardest questions in the book. This one I could not answer in Spanish or English.
His friend arrived and Doug and I switched cars. The driver (now knowing his name and some of his favorite music…Kenny G) came around to introduce us to his friend.
He pointed at us and said…"This is Rebekha and…Chuck Norris"
I almost fell over laughing! We all jumped in the car and Manuel turned from the passenger seat with a slight grin on his face.
He told us he had something that we would love and turned the dial on the radio up three notches.
The music started and then the sounds of a familiar song came on. It took about three or four beats until I realized it was "eye of the tiger".
(I think he was trying to stir up some action in Chuck Norris)
We drove down the road singing and the smile would not leave my face.
We got to the dock and boarded a ferry. The whole process was a bit painful because of trying to figure out the arrival times during holy week and we were not sure we were clear on the boat we wanted to ride. So, we ended up buying two tickets but it only totaled about four US dollars. We looked at it as a little loss with a lot of gain.
After the boat ride across a wave full lake (I think Doug and I turned green a few times) we got to the island.
We took a cycle taxi for an hour and thirty minute ride to our hostel. On the way there I saw pigs, horses, cows and dogs walking along the road. There was even a rainbow that ran from the volcano and almost touched the road we were riding down.
This is one of the most beautiful hostels I have ever been to in my life. There is a dock that leads out to the endless sky. The water was warm but soon after many jumps into the water I was informed that there is freshwater bull sharks in this lake.
To read more about the things that make me wet my swingsuit:
I just want to say it again (If you didn’t read the article) these beast get up to 11 feet. "What the *%$* are they doing in fresh water?" I started yelling this at the Gods when someone rang the dinner bell.
The best way to move on from a dreadful thought of your leg being taken off is the sound of a rumble in the tummy.
This place has a buffet dinner every night starting at seven. You better believe there was a line and the food was outstanding!
We finished our dinner and walked around under the full moon. Everyone was chilling on the doc so Doug and I sat down to look at the stars. I almost flipped when I saw a shoot star off in the distance.
I don’t know how to ask for a better day. A day filled with laughter, love, shooting stars and even a rainbow. It was like a day with heaven on earth.
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Isla de Ometepe
photo by: Clarafina