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The background to this trip is that my Aunt is not doing well and is on life support. My dad wanted to come and see her before she left and wanted some support in getting out here and around.

Although not the best of circumstances I am excited about this trip because it means I get to spend some decent time with my dad for the first time in 10 years probably and also meet some wider family I've never met. In the great depression my grandfather and mother split their time working between the US and the UK and for this reason my family became very transatlantic with half settling down in around the north east of the USA and the other half in the UK. My dad's the youngest in his family and I'm the youngest in ours meaning I've got cousin's just about old enough to be my parents and 2nd cousins old enough to be getting married. For various reasons I've barely met any of them.

We arrived today in Newark and got picked up by my cousin Ray. It was liking meeting a long lost soul mate. In the 2 hour car drive we realised we shared very similar political, religious and socialogial views and had the same interests and character traits - it was so much fun

We soon met up with my uncle Ron and aunt Bet and then them, dad and I went to visit aunt nora. When we arrived at the hospital her immediate family where there and so I got to meet some more cousins for the first time and also say hi to one I had met before when he visited England. They were emotional as you could imagine but it was still good to see them and be united.

I must admit seeing Aunt Nora was a bit of a shock at first - she was so frail, and although on morphine to keep the pain under control, as soon as she spoke you realised she was the same aunt I knew - gentle, elegant, beautiful. No amount of decay in her body could take away the sheer class and dignity of the woman i remembered.

We spoke for a while and my dad and uncle ron prayed over her and read some scriptures. To be honest, I've been a christian for most of my life and sometimes you find yourself taking life and relationship with Jesus for granted but spending that half hour with her and her two brothers I had a completely renewed sense of the awesomeness of God and what it is to know him. My aunt is in love with Jesus and has absolute and complete assurance of where she's going in a few days. There was no sadness, only joy as the 3 of them spoke and held hands and it was very much that they were saying 'aye, we'll miss you but we'll see you soon.' There was no finality to it all only that she was getting to paradise just a little ahead of them.

My other Uncle, Bill, is also coming out from the UK as well and he and Aunt Joyce and daughter will be with us monday. Aunt Nora is going to fight to stay here just a little longer to see them too so the 4 siblings can be together one last time. I pray she'll make it and my guess is that after that she will then let herself move on in total peace and love.

shirlan says:
I feel for you. Andrew and I have a great nephew who was killed in a car accident a week before our NZ holiday. We we in NZ when he had his funeral.
Chin up! All will be well!
Posted on: May 06, 2008
glennisnz says:
I am sure she will make it for the big family reunuion, it is something to hang on for.
God Bless you all at this time, its good being a Christian at just such a time!
Posted on: May 05, 2008
SheLuvz2Fly says:
God Bless you and your family!
Posted on: Apr 24, 2008
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