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                 This blog is just to highlight some random events and things I've done within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and vicinity. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and there is a lot to see and do. Often enough you tend to take for granted everything the city has to offer when you live there.  I’ve been procrastinating and initially wasn’t going to write a blog at all but I’ve decided to add one blog instead and highlight the following pictures since there are so many different dates included.

                  Some of the first few pictures are taken from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). I took my little cousin there one weekend and we had so much fun.  I’ll need to take some pictures of the outside so you can see the newly renovated Michael Lee-Chin Crystal next to the older original ROM building linked together by bridges - really cool.  We took the subway there and stopped for breakfast across the street at an outdoor patio on the second floor of this restaurant so we can have a good view while we ate. Mmmm I love breakfast food, especially bacon!! (lol) I don’t know, I had to share that with you I guess (lol). I remember there was a protest of some sort about the Middle East happening on Bloor Street and Queens Park and there were hundreds of people holding signs all over the streets. It was a bit chaotic walking over but nonetheless awe inspiring to see so many people gathered around and sharing the same passion. This area of Toronto is great because you have the University of Toronto Campus sprawled out around the museum and also the great shopping of Yorkville too with all the high end stores lined up side by side. 

                I have also included a couple of pictures that were taken from my time down at the Taste of the Danforth. Although it is something I try to make it too each year I only had these to capture the moment that I could find (lol). Sometimes you just don’t have a camera available every time you go out - I’ll need to work on that (lol). Every year in August Danforth Street in Toronto is closed off and local restaurants have tents outside for people to taste their food. Mainly a Greek community... mmmm I love Greek food, but there are all kinds of great food to sample as well, games to play, and patios set up everywhere, lots of fun.  After a long day of drink and eating we were off the see Mariah Carey ft. Sean Paul live at the ACC  - grrrreat concert by the way.

                There are also a couple of pictures we took at Cirque. My sister and I took a friend there one year for her birthday to see Cirque du Soleil Avaia in Niagara Falls. We had a great time and then we headed off to the tourist district of Clifton Hills for dinner and drinks. I am always amazed at the things they can do, it’s really something else! I haven’t seen any other of the Cirque shows but I am extremely interested to get to watch them.

                There are additional pictures from random Niagara Falls visits including one long weekend where we went there for the day.  I don’t have Canadian holidays off because of my work (oh the irony) so when the usually crowds head out of the city to enjoy camping and frolicking around for the long weekend I drove down with some to enjoy the weather.  The tourist districts of Clifton Hill, Lundy’s Lane, Fallsview and Queen Victoria Park are always crowded with people walking up and down enjoying the beautiful sights. There are all kinds of haunted houses, carnival type games and rides, great restaurants, casinos and bars.  We decided to go on the Maid of the Mist, yes my first time taking the little white boat and putting on this blue plastic poncho (what a sight) and venturing out into the falls. Let me just say SO MUCH FUN!! We were totally soaked from head to toe... so much for the poncho (hahaha) but we had a great time, I felt like Gillian on the SS Minnow (hahaha), I could even hear the music playing in my head.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who goes to Niagara Falls for sure, great day!   

                There are some pictures of the Downtown area as well. One day we decided to spend the day roaming around Downtown, with no real plans and just see where the day took us. I had a friend from out of town in the City so a bunch of us decided to head off on foot and take in the sights...and I had my camera.  We started off at Front Street and headed up to the CN Tower. We took the elevator up to the different observation decks, enjoying the beautiful skyline of the City. It can be pretty exhausting with all the long line ups and all the people that come in and out of there but we weren’t in a rush and just took our time enjoying the day. We walked around the gift shop looking at all the trinkets they had for sale. We ended up walking through the streets of Toronto, headed up Queen Street and decided to sit in front of the fountain at Nathan Phillips Square by City Hall eating some street meat and talking until the early hours of the night.  I love sitting by water for some reason, it’s so relaxing hearing the sounds the water from the fountain. It was a really warm night with lots of good conversation so time seemed to stand still...yet fly by...does that make any sense?! We ended up heading to Young and Dundas, walked into the Eaton Center, and around Young-Dundas Square. All the street vendors were packing it up for the night, so there was still a bit of commotion in the air. There is lots of things going on there during the day and during the summer nights as the sun is setting they even play outdoor movies outside on certain nights, really cool. It turned out to be a really great day!

                Some of the pictures are just random night out with friends or family, enjoying some food, drinks or dancing (or all of the above) lol.  Those nights always turn out to be a lot of fun!

                While other pictures are from days spent around the City. Anytime there is a street party, you know a bunch of us are there enjoying the food, drinks ;o) and music they have to offer. So in June when the Little Italy neighbourhood in Toronto closed off its streets and had a great street party you can bet we were there. All traffic and street cars stop running for the weekend, which will mean lots of street closures and traffic throughout the city but hey it’s well worth it if you’re sitting there enjoying a nice cold one and not stuck in traffic (lol). 

                There is also lots of things to do around the Lakefront in Toronto too. Whether you head down the Queens Quay and hop on to a boat cruise or head off to Ontario place to enjoy the sites. You can head off to nearby Exhibition Place to see what's going on (there’s always CHIN Picnic or the EX held there yearly as well - lots of fun)!!  The Lakeshore offers numerous parks with food vendors and ice cream stands to enjoy, just sit under a tree and day dream all day staring up at the sky. There is also Woodbine beach and a few other beaches along the Lakeshore as well for those people looking to escape the City and lay back and relax.  Or you can take a drive down Cherry Street to The Docks. The Docks is always a lot of fun, they have so much going on during the day and at night the music comes on and they have a pretty big venue inside as well as bars and music pumping outside too. So there is no better place to eat, drink and be merry from sunrise till well I guess sunrise again (hahaha). The views of the city are magnificent no matter when you go there, I really love it.  

                Some of the pictures are taken just outside of Toronto in Mississauga, which is technically the city where the Toronto airport is located (lol) I just wanted to throw that interesting little fact out there. Anyhow, the Mississauga neighbourhood of Port Credit had a Blues festival down by the lake. There was all kinds of bands lining the streets and they even had a huge main stage too set up. They had great BBQ foods, corn on the cob, beer tents everywhere, oysters all ready and shucked and calling your name, hot spicy Cajun shrimp (mmmm, I’m getting hungry thinking about all the great food) and Mardi Gras beads - what could be better than the real thing (lol)! It was so much fun, I really love the whole vibe. I may have lived down South in another life I think because I really love hearing the different instruments like the banjo and the harmonica and such being played live, I don’t know what it is, live bands of any kind are always a good thing.  There were different exhibits of nice cars and bikes and all kinds of souvenirs you could buy as well. It went on throughout the weekend and we'd hang out there all day. It was really awesome!

                The last sets of pictures were taken in Barrie, which is just over an hour or so outside of Toronto at the Horseshoe Valley Resort. There is a lot to do there all year round like ski, snowboard, golf, ATV, and all kinds of outdoor activities. They also have a spa and restaurant and of course a chalet. We had gone up in the fall so the leaves were changing colours and it was just nice enough to wear a light vest, not cold at all. The scenery is so breath taking and relaxing, I loved spending the day there. A bunch of us drove up early in the morning and arrived just after the morning traffic rush.  The transition was so weird but welcoming, to go from the noises of the city and all the traffic to nothing but peace and quiet, I can’t really explain it unless you’ve taken the time to really listen to nature. You really feel like you’re the only ones around for miles, it was really beautiful, something I could definitely get used to!


shirlan says:
Hope to get over there in a few years. My daughter was in Toronto last October/November. She went to a JLo concert there. And she did the Niagra Falls bit too. Looks great!
Posted on: May 01, 2008
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