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I was warned off by my friend Jenn who was in LA at the time... they are dangerous.. but so cute!
I arrived into New York on my return journey from Las Vegas and this time I stayed at the Hudson Hotel. As recommended by Natasha (nycgirl76) because she parties there. Once again Nat was there to wake me up and I met her in lobby for breakfast - she looked terrible and was sick with a cold, I checked she was ok and we got breakfast in a local cafe. Something I did the time before - eggs, mush and some dried bacon and a watery cup of tea. Not that I need much food because by this point my stomach had all but ceased working from being in the US!

I sent Natasha home because I didn't want her to get more sick and I didn't want it! I spent the day walking everywhere,  slowly starting to understand their road layout.
Central park
Actually, truthfully, I didn't walk much that day because my mobile was on fire with text messages from all the people I'd met in Vegas! It took me about 1 hours to walk two blocks, because my head was permanently down and clicking buttons ;-)

The following day, I grabbed my camera and set off again around the park. The number of squirrels was unbelievable and they seemed so friendly. So, I flipped the lenses over on my Nikon and tried to get closer. Real close. They would come up with in 6 inches of the lens and move about so it was quite difficult to get them in shot. A few minutes later and I text from Jenn "What u doing?" - next thing I know I scared for my life because when I explained what I was doing she told me that the squirrels are dangerous! I was like, WHAT? I never knew they were rabid! That explains why they were so friendly, they were going to zombify me!

Jenn also told me where to go for lunch and started surfing the net and making phone calls for me to find some place for me to go.
Time Square. Nothing square about it really.
After a few false starts she directed me to a Taxi. I had no idea where I was going because I was being remote controlled from LA, which I thought was good fun. I asked Jenn for the address and told the taxi driver. The taxi driver must have misheard me because we ended up on the wrong block BUT he was very cool about it and stopped the meter and drove me around for another 10 minutes until we found the Asian Indian restaurant!

Inside, I called up Jenn and she told me what to order! I know this sounds like I have no mind of my own - but it was great fun eating what someone else would choose. She ordered, no, I ordered the business meal and mango smoothy - it was just amazing. If only I could remember the name, sure Jenn will tell me. I was so grateful to her because I had been finding the food pretty heavy going. After I finished up, she continued having fun with me and sent me onto the Metro - Grand Central and then on to Time Square and back to the Hudson!

I got back to hotel and rested for bit before grabbing a taxi to Time Square to meet up with Jeff, Natasha and Debra! Natasha had organised for us to see Chicago. I am not sure if I was that excited because I had seen the Cirque De Soliel show in Vegas only 2 days before so it had a lot to live up for. We got inside and the show started, Ahh... no.. the lead girl was a minger (UK slang for a bit facially rough!!). But wait! Other's came on and OH YES! Way hot! Watched some hot girls bounce around on stage in lingerie and then it went down hill when a guy on stage blocked my view and stood there for five minutes shaking his ass at us. Hmm. Sure the girls loved that but it was giving me neck ache trying to bob up and down between the view between his legs of the girls behind ;-)

Afterwards we headed back for some god-awful food in an Irish bar (Should have known really) and back to the Hudson where the other's left early because they were working the following day. Actually, I needed sleep because I was still shattered from Vegas.
martinikitty13 says:
you know squirrels are rats with fluffy tails right? glad you enjoyed nyc, i go in the fall every seemed you had lots of bad meals - next time i'll write you a list.
Posted on: May 19, 2008
jenn79 says:
When did you have time to write this?! =) Love the remote control portion, I didn't get ANY work done that day, mind you!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
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I was warned off by my friend Jenn…
I was warned off by my friend Jen…
Central park
Central park
Time Square. Nothing square about …
Time Square. Nothing square about…
New York
photo by: herman_munster