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We're winding down here.  Just a few weeks left!  Been trying to keep busy but at the same time relax a little because things are going to get real hectic real quick.

Lots of our friends are leaving or have already left.  :'(  Spent one last night out with everyone at our final BUNAC pub meet of the trip at the Edinboro Castle.  It was great gathering everyone about one last time and the pub was excellent so that's always good.  It was also in Camden so I was able to score some last minute chinese food from the market before it closed for £2!  Woohoo!  I wasn't going to eat there but then the little asian ladies kept beckoning to everyone and saying 'Dah-ling' so I had to.

On Saturday we packed most of our things from our flat to move the big stuff to our friends' flat.  Then it was Lindsey's last night in town so we hung out with her as she finished her laundry, went to dinner at Yates in Leicester Square (2 meals for £7.99!), and had gelato.  I will miss all the gelato places!  :(  There is nothing like it in Orlando...

Sunday was spent packing the last of our things and cleaning like mad.  We left that room in a way better state than when we arrived, so if they try to hold back any of our security deposit I will be kicking some butt.  I mean, I even cleaned the outside of the windows and lint rolled the entire room, haha.

After that we made our way to our new home: Palmer's Lodge hostel.  Its not particularly new so its not nice in the way that the Paris hostel was, but its really nice in an old fashioned sort of way.  And our bed is huge and very private considering there are 11 other beds in the room, haha.  Its hard to explain how its set up, but I'll try: you walk in and on the floor are a few beds, but then to your right there is a set of stairs that leads you up a bit to another level but in the same room, sort of like a loft but not as far up, and there are a few more beds on that 'flight,' which is where David and I are.  There is another level as well with a few more beds.  All the beds have curtains around them and are doubles, and pretty comfy (much better than at our flat!), plus their own lights and outlets.  Its pretty rad.  It felt like camp in a way, lol.

We dropped our things off and then went to meet up with Weslie and Simon to visit Highgate Cemetery.  Basically, in the 1800's, London's city cemeteries were becoming ridiculously full, so the city had 7 new ones built in a ring around the outside of the city.  Highgate is one of them and the most famous, with people like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) buried there (though we saw neither of those graves and didn't even know about Douglas Adams until we wiki'd it later).

The ride there was obnoxious.  First, we got on this bus and saw two empty seats, one of which was next to a rather large man-woman.  She had her arm stretched out across the back of the empty seat like it was around an invisible person, but I figured it I made to sit down she'd do the normal thing and move it.  Nope.  I had to sit on the front of the seat with her arm awkwardly across the back of it so that she wouldn't touch me.  It was very uncomfortable and RUDE.

Then, we had seen on the sign at the bus stop that there was a stop for Highgate Cemetery.  It said 'Highgate Cemetery' as the name of the stop and everything, so one would assume that we would come to a stop named just that.  Nope.  Ended up getting off later than we wanted because said stop never came and backtracking.

Finally we arrived at Highgate and got in line for the tour.  The older side, the West Side, is only available to tours and you can't go just on your own.  They also only do small tour groups of 10-12.  There were about 14 people in front of us when a nice old lady came out to say that there would be one more tour for the first 12, and possibly another if they had another available tour guide.  Cool, we decided to chance it and stayed. 

We were confronted by a really obnoxious man in a 'Twister' (the movie) tshirt who was in front of us; he turned around and said 'Did you hear what she just said?' and when I started to repeat it he burst out 'She said you're not getting in!'  We gave him strange looks and said she had said there might be another tour.  Then he proceded to pretend to pee on the gate, and then to actually pee on the wall a bit further down, despite the old lady's request that everyone act with a certain amount fo respect as it is a working cemetery.  Wow.

We did end up getting in and were pretty relieved that we didn't have to be on his tour.  The cemetery was really creepy and extraordinarily cool!  The tour guide told us about some of the grave symbolism and pointed out some of the more interesting sites.  It would be awesome if you could do the tours later at night.  Simon asked about the Highgate Vampire that was a big thing in the 1970s but the guide brushed it off; we think its a cover up.

After that it was time to visit the pub for some drinks and dinner.  The Flask.  You could tell this place had been an old house and Simon said there was lots of history there.  The book he had on the Highgate Vampire even said it was haunted, haha.  Had some good times and good food before heading back to the hostel and laying about until I fell asleep.

Last day of work today!  Then I won't work again until I start at Marriott.  That just occured to me this morning and it was quite a shock and a bit scary!  :x  Oh well, I'm excited!

Prague on Thursday!!

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