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Today dawned a lot brighter!  Thank God!  We would finally have a nice day to enjoy the city.

First things first: breakfast-lunch (we've been having two big meals a day because for the most part we haven't been able to wake up in time for proper breakfast hours...haha).  We decided to hit up this place called Bohemia Bagel, which serves some American style breakfasts and was rated pretty good.  It was a bit of a walk from our apartment but well worth it for the most part.  Bottomless filter coffee (aka: American style coffee) and I had a big plate of sausage gravy and biscuits, with bacon, eggs and a mini bagel.  The gravy was a bit cold but it tasted great so no worries.

Then it was time to get to the sight seeing.  Prague has a very famous Jewish part of town (Josefov - the old Jewish quarter) so we decided to check that out.  You buy a ticket of various combinations at one of the sights and that gets ou into about 6 other places (at least the one we bought); only 200kc (less than 10 pounds). 

The first place we visited was the Pinkas Synagogue, which was very moving.  On the walls are written the names of all the Jews from that area who were murdered by the Nazis, as well as a display of children's drawings from the ghetto they had been deported to.  8,000 children were sent there and only 242 survived.  Things like this don't seem as real back home where we've never had foreign conflicts on our soil, but here in Europe its very different.  You can see places that had been bombed or the houses and tombs of people killed in situations like that.  :(  Keeps things in perspective.

After that, we explored the Old Jewish cemetary.  This dates back to 1439 and was used all the way up until almost 1800!  Needless to say, its big but not big enough.  The tombstones are all clumped together and apparently the bodies are buried up to 9 layers deep!  :x  In this cemetery is the grave of a rabbi, Rabbi Low, who came up with this old Jewish folktale about a creature called the Golem, a man made out of clay who was meant to protect people. 

Outside the site, David and I bought our own little Golem for our house! :D  His name is George Golem because David felt like they couldn't all possibly be named 'Golem.'  There had to be some differentiation.  I also bought a wonderful little ceramic necklace though there was so much more I wanted but David and I have already blown straight through our budget and there's still Ireland to go!

We then saw the New-Old Synagogue from the outside.  According to legend, this is where the Golem is held.  There's apparently an attic which has not been opened for 200 years because of this, and the caretakers seem to have 'lost the key.'  200+ year old locks are usually pretty solid so I can understand why a missing key would keep you from it.  Not.  lol  ;p

We saw the Ceremonial Hall (from the outside), the Spanish Synagogue (very lavishly painted inside), and the Maisel Synagogue, all cool in their own right.  But by then we'd been walking a bunch and it was time for coffee.

After a short break we decided to climb this HUGE hill to see the Communist Mausoleum.  This is a huge building on the very top of a boring hill that's extremely difficult to get to.  It used to be a place to honor fallen war vets I think but then the communist regime took it over and made it a monument to the "Heros of the Working Class."  Scientists also tried to preserve the body of one of the communist leaders here but were pretty unsuccessful and gave up in 1990 when he was totally falling apart.  HOWEVER - the place was closed!  >:<  Will not reopen until May 2009, so we couldn't climb up it to see the apparently amazing view.  Boo!

Time to climb back down the hill and take in the most odd of Prague sites: the TV tower.  Its basically the ugliest thing you've ever seen and a lot of people are very wary of what is actual intended purpose is/was (mind control?).  Also, since everyone already loved it so much, they decided to install the freakiest art you've never even imagined: giant metal babies crawling up and down the tower.  WTF?!

It was time for dinner by then so we went to a place about a couple hundred metres from the TV Tower.  It ended up being one of the most awesome meals we have had here!  We started with some "buffalo wings" which were really sort of BBQ/tomato sauce flavored.  Then we all had various sausages, chips/fries, mashed potatoes, and jalapeno poppers.  Yum yum yum!  Too bad I ended up with a red popper that was INSANELY hot and I had to chug my beer to get rid of the fire that had taken over my mouth/insides.

It was back to the Orange Bar after this to celebrate our last night in Prague.  Had some traditional Prague drinks.  I was also sort of ripped off because I ordered a drink that was 65kc and when the bill came it was 90kc, even though there should have been no misunderstanding since I pointed it out on the menu that was in Czech.  :/  I didn't think I'd had the right drink anyway since mine was supposed to be coffee and Captain Morgan, and I ended up with what seemed like steamed milk with Baileys and rum (maybe they were out of coffee and decided to use a liquore that tastes like it?).  Oh well...

Had some EXCELLENT gelato on the way back to the apt.  Tiramisu!  And it was less than 1 pound!! :D  Can't find that in London... one scoop of gelato is going to run you at least 2.50.

Peep Show final episodes and then bed.  I'm covered with mosquito bites which is lame, and we're all out of socks and underwear, but oh well!  lol!  Hopefully we'll get back to Simon's flat on Monday night in time to do a quick load of laundry, sleep, and wake up early again to head right back to the airport to go to Dublin.  :D
mountainlover says:
Time is drawing near now and soon you'll both be leaving for the good ol USA ! You have kept me captivated with all the blogging and I have enjoyed it so much...You have done an EXCELLENT job of it Chrissy ! I hope to have (at least) one more to put in the journal for the ending of a very delightful keepsake... gram
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
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