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The Museum of Natural History... Trust me, this building is HUGE!
Yesterday David and I fended on our own for dinner for the first time here, and I think we did pretty awesome!  We looked for a job for David for a bit and by the time it was 6pm we were starving.  At first we were a little wary because we weren't sure about some of this British food.  Not that it sounds strange (though some things do...), but some of the flavors are slightly different and you never know when that can make all the difference.  We ended up picking up some pepperoni ravioli from the Waitrose, along with tomato-basil sauce, bread, and some cereal for the morning.  Wanted a piece of chocolate so I went back into a smaller store, but couldn't decide amongst the British stuff and ended up with a good ol' Snickers.
Dino! and Crowds! ooh! aah!

And while we're on the subject of food, David ate a veggie dinner the night before!  A Mozzerella/Tomato salad followed by a chicken caesar style salad.  Amazing!  He was such a champ and actually enjoyed it much to his surprise!  My boy's growing up!  ;D

Today finally brought the infamous English weather, cloudy with a bit of rain.  However, since it was Sunday and there was not much else to do, David and I took the tube up to the Natural History Museum.  Its free and HUGE!  Originally the plan was to go there as well as the Science Museum, but even if we did have more time we wouldn't have had more energy for it.

The Museum was pretty nice.  Lots of stuff oriented towards kids though, so you sort of had to stoop down to look at some things.
The main hall of the Museum of Natural History
  Also, having been to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Animal Kingdom and various other zoo-type parks, a lot of their animal displays meant nothing to me because I've seen those things in person.  The dinosaur skeletons were pretty cool though, and there was a lot of stuff on the earth that was pretty interesting.  Oh, and let me tell you - if you're a rock-loving person, you will love this place; so many displays on rocks and gems and the likes!  Too bad I'm not much of a rock fan.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow as its a bank holiday, meaning everyone goes away I guess.  I don't know...  Seems like just another excuse to take a day off, only they don't pretend its for "President's Day" or "MLK Day" (not that they don't deserve them!)... they just flat out say, "Sorry, closed, I'm taking a holiday!"
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The Museum of Natural History...  …
The Museum of Natural History... …
Dino!  and Crowds!  ooh!  aah!
Dino! and Crowds! ooh! aah!
The main hall of the Museum of Nat…
The main hall of the Museum of Na…
More dino
More dino
They dont know much about this di…
They don't know much about this d…
OMG!  They have real dinosaurs in …
OMG! They have real dinosaurs in…
Reminds me of Disney!
Reminds me of Disney!
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