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Not much happening most of this week until last night.  I feel like its just been creeping along until the weekend because we have a bunch of stuff planned coming up.  I hate wishing the days would go by faster because its closer to when we'll have to go home, but at the same time I'm not a fan of wasting my time working anyway so it might as well move it along!

Last week sometime David and I realized we actually did, in fact, need to apply for NI (National Insurance) numbers.  Its really silly being as by the time they process everything it will be almost 2 months and we'll probably have gone home, and 9 months before they issue the card with your number on it so we'll have DEFINITELY gone home.  :p  But we had to go and deal with it anyway.

  It was actually a pretty crappy process.  We called the number we were given, and both of us were told  by separate people that we would not have to come in for an interview.  However, when I called back to give them my passport number a few days later I was told that I was set up for an interview; aparently the rules changed if you had a 'traceable' visa and a Blue Card is not one of those.  By some stroke of luck, however, David and I both ended up with appointments on Wednesday, though they weren't going to inform us except through an unmarked mailing that arrived on Saturday!  Lucky for us that we had nothing else planned and my job was pretty flexible with me coming in late.  >:<  Still, it was obnoxious the way they did that.

When we got to the appointment, which for me was supposed to be 10:30, I had to check in at a desk upstairs.  Then the wait began... I waited a half hour for my turn!!  The interview was done at 11:17 and I had to sit and wait to get my passport and other documents back.  I saw people walk in and be seen immediately which was very frustrating as I realized that if I had come late I would have been better off.  Then 11:30...11:45...11:55... no documents.  I was getting really upset because I had told the office I would be in by noon.  FINALLY I was able to LEAVE at noon and take the treck to work.  After stopping to grab lunch from the shop I ended up getting to work at 12:45.  Stupid NI appointment!

That night things went much better.  David and I took advantage of a pretty good deal from LondonTown.Com and went to the theatre (no, not the theater)!  For £22.50 each we bought tickets to 'Spamalot' and a 2 course meal at Planet Hollywood!  I'll take it.

I met up with David after I got out of work, and we search around Leicester Sq for a decently priced place to have a pre-show drink/snack (ugh, so unheard of in London, especially that area!).  Found a place called the Bear & Staff which I think is a Nicholson chain pub.  Regardless, it wasn't too bad and we had a pint and a Pimms along with some sausage bits in a really nice little upstairs dining room.  Very cozy and a lovely time.  (BTW - I'm bringing home as much Pimms as I can!)

'Spamalot' is a musical written by Eric Idle, and is basically a stage adaptation of 'Monty Python's Holy Grail,' only they added some things and fleshed out a bunch of the story.  It was AWESOME!  So hilarious that we were laughing out loud for most of the show.  I especially loved 'The Song that Goes Like This' which was this really (purposely) cheesy love-song where they sing about how every Broadway show has a really cheesy love song...like this.  :D  Plus they had a bunch of great scenes and songs from the actual movie which were really fun to see live.

Our seats were way up in the nosebleed balcony but it was alright, unless someone in front of us would decide to lean foreward so they could see a foot more of the stage and block our view in the process.  Oh well.  I've been to theatres before, but this one (The Palace) was built almost straight up!  We were pretty much directly above the level below us, not really all that tiered at all.  I suppose it saves space but it caused a bit of vertigo at the same time.  :x

Afterwards we went to Planet Hollywood.  There's one of these in Orlando but the most I've ever had there was a soda.  Its really cheesy and touristy but the dinner was basically £2.50 each (because the tickets were at the £20 level) so dig in!  It was nothing to write home about.  Cooked pretty well but just sort of plain.  I had grilled chicken and there was a sauce on the side that I had trouble identifying; David and I both agreed it tasted like pancake syrup!  "Yes, I'll have the grilled chicken breast with a side of syrup, thanks!"  All and all, however, it was a pretty good night.

Other than that things are pretty well.  Our housing situation is wearing on me, however.  Its not that the people we live with aren't nice, its just that they've somewhat inconsiderate.  One couple we live with cannot talk in a normal, indoor voice, even at 8am!  Come on, not everyone works the same hours as you.  When David gets home at 3am he doesn't want to have to wake up 5 hours later to you shouting down the hallway for something you could have just gone and grabbed yourself.  Also, I was basically accused of stealing someone's wine the other day, but instead of coming to me and asking if I had drank it they just went ahead and took the wine that I bought from my shelf and put it on their own.  Sorry, that was mine, and from a labeling error I had paid £5 so I'm drinking it!!  Then, the day after that incident the girl from the other couple came to our room and asked if her friend could stay for a few days; we said that was fine, no worries.  However, her friend showed up the next day - from S. Africa.  This leads me to believe they had this planned for at least a few days and could have come to us before it was down to the wire.  I think they only said anything because the other couple told them they probably should.  :/

I really like my house and I like our flatmates, but its getting old.  I cannot wait to get a place of my own when we move to New Orleans.  Living without a roommate, just me and David, will be heaven!!  I like people but sometimes I just want my own space and to not have to deal with the little quirks of others.

Speaking of roommates - we found a new one for the Orlando house!  I know it doesn't mean much to my travbuddy readers, but I am so excited!  She seems really nice and has agreed to pay $550 which is half the rent and really what is fair now that there will only be 2 people living in the house for the most part (I'm going to try to be back and forth as much as possible).  We're going to need that much to be able to survive the next semester between having two rents due (mine in New Orleans and David's in Orlando) every month.  :(  But YEY!  And its funny, too, because she was worried we wouldn't want to rent to her since she could meet us before Aug 21 when she gets back from an internship in NYC - yeah, we don't get back until Aug 26 so no worries there, mate! ;)

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