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Yey!  We're in Prague for the weekend!  As I said before, David, Weslie, Simon and I decided to rent an apt in Prague for 5 days.  Finally it is here!  If you're going with a few friends I'd definitely go the apartment route.  Its cheap (20pounds per person per day about), spacious, and more comfortable than a hotel or hostel.

Had my first easyjet experience on our way over.  Pretty painless and a lot more comfortable than I'd thought.  Unfortunately I ended up sitting in front of a (French) woman with a baby that would occupy itself by alternating crying and kicking my seat.  Then later on in the flight the lady elbowed me in the head.  Awesome.  No appologies either!  Hooray!

We took a cab to the apartment and found it to be a lot better than we'd expected.  Looks like it'd been remodeled lately so that's awesome!  But they did choose this hideous red and yellow color scheme that should've been better thought out.  Plus, there's work going on in one of the other apartments and its non-stop so that's really fun.  Oh well!

We decided the first night should be a true Czech dinner.  First we went to sample some original Pilsner (this country is famous in the beer community for Budvar, the original beer that Budweiser stole its name from, and inventing the pilsner style).  Then it was off to a restaurant with a ton of delicious choices.  I had the wild boar with spinach and dumplings; wow!  Czech food is basically meat, sauce, and potatoes and I was in heaven.  I love veggies but sometimes you just want to go all out and gorge.  Haha.  We skipped the beer ice cream because the service was REALLY slow but vowed to come back and try again.

Next we walked to the Old Town Square which is gorgeous at night.  I say it rivals Paris as being one of the most romantic cities I've been to.  All lit up with amazing architecture.  It almost looked like it couldn't be real, like we were at Disney or something, haha.  Wish we had stuff like this in the US.

Then we hit up Simon and Weslie's and now our) favorite Prague drinking spot: the Orange Bar.  Its this little tiny bar that's made to look like an adobe hut inside.  But don't get the wrong impression, it's awesome!  Drinks are super cheap and amazingly good.  In fact, everything is super cheap in Prague thanks to the 30:1 exchange rate with the pound.  We had a couple cocktails and then called it a night.
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photo by: vulindlela