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Entryway into the V&A

Sunday was some more tourist stuff.  Quickly noticing how little time we have left in the city, both a good and bad thing.  I'm worried about money, as usual, and I miss my friends and family at home.  Plus, as I sit here I have about a million things to do back home.  I can't remember if I've mentioned it for my readers at all but I am moving from Orlando to New Orleans immediately after I return home to start a new job.  Its going to be a bit of a ridiculous move because its all got to be executed before Aug 31st and I arrive home on Aug 26th.  :x  Anyway, that's an insight into my stress a bit.

But the money thing is working out.  David and I have budgeted for the rest of our trip and for the home journey and I think we have it under control.  This also means a Dublin trip is in the works if we can get some other things to fall into place.  That will be nice.  :D  I'll keep you posted when everything is finalized.

Back to our day: started out lazy and then we decided to head off to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Its another free museum full of pretty much the same sorts of things all the other free museums are filled with: artifacts and paintings from various eras.  Though, I really liked this one because I thought the layout of the galleries was nice and not too museum like.  There was a good flow when you were inside the rooms, and it wasn't stuffy at all.  Oh, and there was a nice little gallery full of stuff like TV shirts and products from the early 90s which were interested, especially the little Speak and Play radio that you know we all had as kids.  Thought it was a nice place to waste part of a day.

Weslie came to meet up with us at the gallery, and by that time I was fading fast due to exhaustion and such.  We decided to head towards a little cafe she knew and have a cup of coffee.  Then, when she realized we did not get any Belgian beer in Belgium, she immediately told us we needed to head to De Hems in Soho, a Dutch Bar and Cafe.  So we went off to her flat so she could change and headed down to the pub.

Its another Nicholson pub, but then again what isn't here it seems.  But it was a great atmosphere.  We had some Kriek, which is a Dutch cherry beer, and very delicious.  Unfortunately, it ran out after 1.5 pints, so David and I both had the bottled version for the most part, which is a lot more acidic and bubbly than the draft.  While glancing at the menu, I found they served krokets (if you remember, the food Marit had us try in the vending machine restaurant)!!  Very exciting, though sad for Marit because she said these were the only thing the Dutch had left to claim, haha.  They were almost as good as the one from Amsterdam!  Definitely a plus for this pub.  After a sample of orange (can't remember the name) beer and Fruli (strawberry beer) we called it a night.  Sleepy sleepy, and I needed to be up for this new job today.

So far so good, but its going to take some getting used to.  At the other job I had Muriel to defer to all the time and now here I'm at this desk alone.  Also, facebook and yahoo mail are blocked!!!  :'(  But I can still travbuddy so that's nice.  :D  I guess you'll have to expect many, fairly uninteresting posts this week if I get bored enough.  'Today I cleaned the flat' or whatnot, haha.  ;)

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Entryway into the V&A
Entryway into the V&A
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