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Today was not a very nice day, weather-wise, but we made the most of it.  After a lie in, we went out to search for some breakfast.  Came across the Lamborghini Cafe where when you order eggs and ham they just throw it in a skillet all together; comes out like an over-easy omlet type thing but really fantastic!

Then we started off on a walk about the city.  Took in some sights, including a look at the National Theatre before a metro ride up to the top of this very large hill that overlooks the whole city as well as Prague Castle.  Views were incredible (pictures coming soon)!  We took our time coming down the hill and by that time it was a bit blustery and pretty cold so we made for a coffee shop and had some hot drinks.

After we got up the nerve to leave the nice, warm cafe (and were given dirty looks and comments from a spanish(?) family that were mad that we had to open the door for any amount of time to leave) we visited the John Lennon Memorial Wall.  There's a kind of creepy stone image of his face sticking out from the wall and then a bunch of graffiti (which is encouraged) all around it.  My favorite comment written there was "Long Live John Lennon."  Someone might want to clue that guy in...

At that point we were tired and cold so it was back to the flat to watch some Peep Show (best UK show ever) before dinner.  Apparently Czech people are really into Western (as in, Western US... cowboys, whatnot) culture so there are a couple tex-mex places in the area.  We decided to check out one that's run by Americans so looked like it would probably be the most spot on: Banditos.  IT WAS!  OH MY GOSH, some of the best tex-mex I've ever had.  Plus we arrived just as happy hour was starting (Ladies Only) so Weslie and I had 2-4-1 margaritas!

To finish off the night we decided to try another one of the bars in the area, simply for the fact we were too tired and it was too wet for us to walk to Orange Bar.  Overall, the place we chose (with a name I can't remember) didn't compare.  However, we did have the drunkest waitress ever so that made everything pretty darn entertaining!!  Good evening!
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photo by: vulindlela