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Last night was another BUNAC pub meet.  This time at the Dicken's Inn near Tower Hill.  Ugh, they do have a habit of choosing crowded places and this one also happened to be expensive.  Over £3 for Bombadier?!  Outrageous.  So David and I had one drink each and sat and talked with some of the other program people.  General sense that things are either going smashingly or, like in our case, nowhere near as expected.  Oh well. 

My title of this blog should be changed to 'Just Roll With It - Summer in London.'  But you learn a lot from situations like this.  You learn that nothing is ever completely in your control and that you should always be prepared to just go with the flow.   Things change and you have to just change with them.  Have plans but be prepared to alter them.  I mean, I came over here thinking it'd be so easy - I would just get a restaurant job and travel and live free and clear.  David could do his graphic design thing part time and we'd just enjoy London.  But none of that happened and its been hard going.  However, I am enjoying myself and I haven't keeled over from stress yet so that's a plus! :D

We're getting down to the wire here.  Trying to make all the plans for last minute trips and how we're going to negotiate the last couple of weeks here.  Here is what the next few weeks are shaping up to be:

  • July 26th-28th: Paris BUNAC trip
  • Aug 10th: Move out of E. Dulwich flat
  • Aug 10th-13th:  London Hostel  (Do London stuff...)
  • Aug 13th: Stay with Simon/Weslie
  • Aug 14th-18th: Prague
  • Aug 19th-21st: Dublin (to be booked)
  • Aug 21st-23rd/24th:  London Hostel
  • Aug 23rd/24th-26th: Stay with Simon/Weslie
  • Aug 26th: HOME!!!
  • Aug 26th-28th: Pack up my Orlando life
  • Aug 29th-30th: Travel to New Orleans
  • Sept 1st: Start my new job

AAAAAAHHHHH!  Things are going so quickly and there's still so much to do! 

mountainlover says:
ahhh the food, the wine, those pimms're going to miss London ! but to see Paris tops it all !
What an experience it has been for sure. gram
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
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