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The last couple days have been busy, on and off.  So much in fact I can't really remember what happened when.  I'll try to piece together the last few days...

Its really just been trying to lay down the job thing.  Carluccio's isn't going to work out, I'm not a fan of being jerked around.  So now I'm with a company called Esprit (pronounced "es-pree").  They basically provide staff for events and such.  Doesn't pay great but its flexible and works for me; I can call and request days I want to work, so when I don't I don't have to.  That way I don't have to worry about wanting to travel and such.  Also, David will be working with me!  Anyway, yesterday we did training with them and were booked in for events starting this Wednesday.  Kind of sucks we'll have to wait three weeks to be paid but oh well...

Once we were done at the training we headed to our first BUNAC organized pub meet.  It was at this place called the Earl of Londale, which was a really oddly designed bar with a bunch of very small doors leading through to everywhere.  Its kind of hard to explain, hah.  The odd thing about the whole pub meet was that most of the people we met were from Florida in some way or another; lots from FSU.  Missed out on steak and kidney pies because the kitchen closed minutes before we were going to order.

Had a good time there and then went and destroyed our two year "No McDonalds" run.  Yes, I haven't had McDonalds in two years until last night.  ...and it was great!  ;)

Today we had to go shopping to get stuff to wear for Esprit.  We were told to go to Primark, which I assumed was a Wal-mart-like store.  Kind of is... but when we got there we had the most horrendous shopping experience ever!  Ugh!  It was Walmart but 10x more dirty and evil.  The people there were so awful, and there were so many buggies about that you couldn't get through anywhere.  Then a customer service lady got angry with me about an open shirt packet and we got into a heated thing.  She basically accused me of trying to steal the shirt and was making sure everyone was hearing her shout.  >:<  I think I was being discriminated against, but what are you going to do?  Either or, I'm never going there EVER again if I don't REALLY have to.  Yeah, I may have bought a tshirt and 2 button ups for 10pounds, but even that is not worth braving Primark ever again.  We also managed shoes for 10 and 13 pounds from a Payless-type store, and then headed back home. 

Oh yeah, we did all this riding the bus for the first time!  Yey, go us!  We're slowly learning transportation!  :D

Stopped in for lunch at something maybe called Frangos...  It's a chicken place.  Only this is the third time in a row we've had similar chicken for lunch.  The other day we made it to Nandos, which is AMAZING!  Its a chicken place where they use Peruvian spices and its REALLY good.  I'd heard about it on another travbuddy blog so we had to go.  For 16pounds we ended up with a whole chicken, a large side of chips/fries, and two drinks.  And this ended up being lunch the next day because we still had half a chicken and a bunch of fries when we were full.  Then today with Frangos or whatever it was like the exact same place, only slightly different.  Not sure if they're owned by the same company or what, but someone may be ripping someone off.  Nandos was better, but Frangos had a 4pound lunch special; chicken pitta or 1/4 chicken, chips, and a drink.  Yum yum!

We are thinking about getting another place, just because Ali's parents have been so good to us that we don't want to wear out our welcome.  Also I got stood up for some bookings through Esprit because if it ends after 1130, they send you home in a taxi, and their taxis won't come out to Richmond.  :(  Looking at a place tomorrow and we'll go from there.  However, we've also got some interviews with different temp agencies tomorrow, David for graphic design and me for reception/office work.  It will be the first time we venture out into the city without each other.  :x  Wish me luck!
lovely_lori88 says:
what?!? primark is the best!! i love that place lol. sorry to hear you had a bad experience :( and yay for nandos!!!!
Posted on: Jun 04, 2008
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