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Woke up early for the free breakfast and to catch our bus trip.  Breakfast at the hostel consisted of brown bread, fruit, and tea/coffee.  The bread was kind of gross but what was worse was the fact that a guy in front of us decided to take a handful, sniff it, and replace it.  Then, since he wasn't happy with that bit, he tried another few slices, sniffed, and replaced.  Thankfully there was a whole new, untouched loaf that we could have.  Seriously people, gross.

Met up with the bus on O'Connell Street and our driver, John.  We were a bit scared that this was going to be a stuffy trip with a lot of older people but it was actually a good mix.  John was great, very entertaining, telling us stories and jokes, singing and playing different Irish tunes, and generally making it a great trip.

Started out with a bus tour of the city where John told us a bit about the history of Dublin.  It was great to hear it from an actual Irishman because he told us a lot of stuff that most people wouldn't have known if they didn't live it, if you understand what I'm saying.  A lot about Irish life and all that.  :D

Then it was out into the country.  Ireland is beautiful!!!  This trip was exactly what I needed after spending 3 months in cities.

We traveled past peat bogs, fields of heather, mountains and farms.  The pictures will really need to tell the story better than I can (I'll try to get them up by Wednesday at the latest).  We drove up into the WIcklow Mountains, visited some monastic ruins, and finally stopped in the town of Avoca.  Apparently there's a really popular show, Ballykissangel, which is based in that town so if you're a fan I've been there!  :D

In Avoca we had lunch at a little restaurant, Katie's Country Kitchen.  DELICIOUS Irish beef stew with brown bread.  I was STUFFED afterwards, but we couldn't pass up the Irish Stout (Guiness) Ice Cream.  OMG, I need to learn to make ice cream because I need to make this stuff at home, haha.

We were sad to leave the tour in Dublin.  On the way back, John played a bunch of Irish music and told a lot of inspiring stories.  He has a voice sort of like Casey Casem (sp?), the old DJ, all soothing and the like.  Haha...  Honestly, getting off the bus I was the most relaxed I've been in a long time.

After that we decided it was time to visit an Irish pub.  We walked around Temple Bar, the main touristy bar area, and stopped a few places to hear some live music and buskers.  It was a good night of relaxing and listening to music, though at this point I was starting to feel really homesick so at some points I was a bit sad because of that.  We were exhausted by the time we got back to the hostel so it was goodnight!

Just a few more days until we come home and honestly I'm ready.  I miss everyone!  This has been the trip of a lifetime but nothing can replace being around friends and family.  :)
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photo by: fransglobal