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Bundled up!

On Sunday we decided to visit our first London street market.  We chose Camden Town Market which is a HUGE clothing, food, and craft market.  Not in the nicest of areas but a wonderful site to see.  It was definitely bustling!  There were so many different stalls selling all sorts of jewlery and little crafty things, as well as a bunch of junk that you see at every flea market type place.  But the food!  Oh gosh!  They had African and Carribean cuisine, crepes, waffles, fudge, cookies, vegan foods, smoothies... on and on.  I really had to hold back from sampling everything and ended up trying nothing, but it all smelled so GOOD!  I have to go back!!

Afterward we decided to head to Oxford Circus and do a bit of browsing.

Animals in War monument outside Hyde Park. It was just about the saddest thing I've seen in regards to monuments!
  However, it was hot and crowded and we soon lost interest.  After getting David a new shirt for work and a jacket because its cold here, we decided to have dinner and see where the rest of the day took us.  We dined at the world renowned Pizza Hut, obviously the finest of London dining.  ;p  But I must say, Pizza Hut here is nothing like back home, well at least how it is now.  It actually quite a lovely little chain here and the food is good, plus very cheap (£15 got us a huge app sampler, pepsi, and a med meat lovers type pizza).

We planned on heading to ISH to to see a free movie there but it starred Jude Law (I'd just watched "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" the other night due to a complete lack of anything else and also a sheer need to see how much more crappy it could continue to get.  Needless to say, it totally turned me off against anything to do with him) so we opted out.  Instead we walked through Hyde Park, had an ice cream bar filled with chocolate, visited some monuments, and called it a day.  It was a lovely evening and a great way to spend a warm, sunny Sunday.

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Bundled up!
Bundled up!
Animals in War monument outside Hy…
Animals in War monument outside H…
...because they had no choice!
...because they had no choice!
aww donkey!  I want to help you!
aww donkey! I want to help you!
This guy must have done something …
This guy must have done something…
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall
photo by: ulysses