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Last few days have been VERY productive!

On Monday, Morgan Spencer called me (the temp agency that I went to the other day) and asked me if I could fill in for a receptionist THAT DAY!  Heck yeah!  So I had to run across the city in about an hour and a half, made it there by 1, and worked until 6.  It was really easy and actually kind of fun.  Just had to answer telephones, take messages if needed, and play on the internet.  :D  The only difficult part was that when anyone called, I had to have them repeat the names 2 or 3 times and sometimes still wouldn't get it!  Ugh!  I felt like an idiot when I'd have to ask the other receptionist to take the call and try to find out who the person wanted to talk to, lol.  Also, the company I was at had recently been taken over my an American company, so a lot of people were confused when I would answer the phone, thinking they'd called the US office, lol.

They were really impressed by me.  So much in fact that they asked me back for the next day, and for next Monday and Tuesday, possibly Wednesday!  Its not much but oh well, it works!

After work yesterday, David and I tried the flat game again.  He met up with me and we got hopelessly frustrated by the bus system (well, I got frustrated... he was same old David, lol).  Went the wrong way on a bus but then figured it out thanks to a nice stranger.  Finally made it to the flat and there were already a bunch of people there to see it.  Why?  Because it was great!  Great neighborhood (E. Dulwich), all bills included, newly furnished, very cool!  In fact, we had to literally make a decision that moment...  There were two bedrooms available.  The couple who arrived before us took the one on the middle floor, and then the couple after us wanted the other one.  Unfortunately for them, we were there MOMENTS before them and had the first pick of it... of course we took it!  There was also another couple who had been waiting to be shown around and they just had to leave.  We felt AWFUL, because we felt like we plucked the place out from under everyone... but oh well, that's the game.

Its a great place.  Our room is on the top floor overlooking a little garden area.  Rent's not bad.  Area around us has some little shops and such.  Not as cool as Richmond, but it'll do.  We've been spoiled so far, haha.  Only bad thing is we have to take a National Rail train out there, which means we can't use our Oyster Cards pay-as-you-go on it (btw - Oyster Cards are cool little cards where you can pay as you go and it gives you sometimes more than 50% the cash fare!).  We're going to have to get travel cards.  No big deal.  :D

After we left the flat, we went to meet up with our friend Simon.  He tooks us to this really cool, members-only theatre bar.  Had a few Guinesses, talked about random stuff.  He made a good point that if we want to travel, we should try some places outside the Euro zone, because that will save us a ton with the exchange rate.  Good thinking, Simon!  So we may end up going to Krakow or Prague (I hope I spelled both of those right).  We'll see.  First we're going to probably go to Bath/Stonehenge and Paris, both BUNAC trips.  :D

Now we've got to get out to the landlord's office to sign the paper work and get our keys!  Then tonight is our first night of work with Esprit!! :D
mountainlover says:
Just caught up on the photos...reallly caught up ! David has shaved off the beard ! haha . now on to the top of his head. He is just keeping with the times I guess ? and someday I'll see my grandson clean shaven and good looking again. ahhhhhh the older genertion I suppose ? I am not old fashion I just prefer him non-hairy. but I can go with the times too. Wish I could share in those pub adventures. David's gram
Posted on: Jun 08, 2008
mountainlover says:
Now you're booking......How could they not be impressed with you lol..I am ! love to hear all that's going on.
David's gram
Posted on: Jun 04, 2008
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