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Since we only had a few more days in London it was time to crack down and get everyone done that we hadn't accomplished yet.  That meant Greenwich and lunch at Borough Market today!

We decided to head down to Canary Wharf, which is basically the business district, so David could see some of the buildings.  Its nice down there, lots of restaurants and shops so that the richy rich businessmen and women can splurge on their lunch breaks.  But we just walked around and then decided to walk to Greenwich, which was about 20 min walk away.

Of course, we had no map because we forgot our A-Z at Simon's flat, where we're storing the bulk of our luggage until we leave.  But we managed because David is a human compass.  We did end up at a farm someplace south of Canary Wharf; we were just walking along and all of a sudden there was a park with sheep, cows, and horses, so we went in because I guess its sort of a public thing.  It was cool because you're surrounded by a CITY and yet here is a random farm, haha.  We also discovered pigs, chickens, and llamas further in.  I think its called Mudflap or something weird like that.

Then we made it to Greenwich which is very nice and pretty.  Probably one of the prettiest places in the city I'd say.  There's the Royal Naval Acadamy and a college on the spot where Greenwich Palace used to be.  Then you walk up a big hill to the Royal Observatory where you can see the Prime Meridian (though we didn't want to wait in the que to see a spot on the ground, haha).  The view from the hill is AMAZING!  Best in London.  At this point it started to rain so we popped into the Observatory to see the Planetarium.  Its AWESOME in there!  A lot of interactive stuff, really cool.  I'm surprised I hadn't heard more about how fun it was in there because it totally is and its free!  Maybe people don't bother going up that hill a lot and thus miss it?

Now we were getting sort of hungry so we managed to find a bus to take us somewhere near Borough Market.  Good job, David!  I knew I kept you around for a reason! ;p  The market was closing in a few hours so some of the stalls were closed or sold out.  But I found exactly what I'd come for, a venison burger!  They had a cranberry sauce to put on it and sauteed onions which was awesome!  Plus, for being a gourmet burger, it was really cheap (£4).  Washed it down with some sangria (£2) and then some cornish cream ice cream (£1.50, because we'd loved it so much before!).  Delicious lunch!

Left there and read the free papers for a bit in one of the city parks, then met up with Weslie and Simon at International Student House afterwards.  I will miss ISH and its cheap, cheap beer/drinks!  :(  £1.90 for a Strongbow or £2 Pimms and Lemonade, and its in the middle of the city!  :D  We also tracked down a pub from this book that we'd all read about a guy who moved to London from the US and had a pint there.

Then it was time for a bit of a late night snack, so we went to this hidden gem of a sushi place that Simon knows.  Its above a little asian market and the sign is small so you'd never know it was there.  David and I had some rolls and then bought some weird asian cookies because the box was cool (and they ended up tasting yummy so win-win!).

At that point we were exhausted and it was time for bed!  More jerk roommates who come in late and talk.  Boo!  But when you're tired you don't notice too much, haha.
mountainlover says:
you are probably packing for the trip home by will be very busy once you get here as well. Have a safe and un-eventful trip back here. I just finished putting together the lastest blogs you typed. Was fun to keep up with you . gram
Posted on: Aug 24, 2008
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