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Today we had about a half day in Dublin before heading back to London, so we decided to have a walk about and visit the Guiness Storehouse.  The hostel made us pay 2euro plus a 10euro deposit to store our stuff which was REALLY lame, especially because it would have been nice to be able to USE that last 10euro during the day, but whatever... :/

The walk there was uneventful.  Passed some churches and what not but they weren't too interesting so I won't bore you with any of that.  However, there was one that's the oldest church in Dublin and still in use today which was pretty cool.

The Guiness Brewery is HUGE!  Its layed out over a couple blocks but the part you can visit is the Storehouse, which used to be where it was brewed but now is a visitor's center.  Still awesome!  Its 11 euro for students but totally worth it.  As you walk through the different floors you can learn about how they make Guiness, the history of the brewery, advertising campaigns through the years, and a bunch of displays like that.  But the best part is when you come to the Gravity Bar, where its FREE GUINESS!  Well, at least a pint.  Plus, the whole bar is made of windows so you can see all around the city (though admittedly not too interesting as you might gather from previous entries).

David and I had a lot of fun there.  He got to drink the second half of my pint because I realized I'm not too keen on Guiness.  :x  We bought some souveniers and then it was back to the pavement.

Walked a bit through the main shopping hub but we were pretty much over the crowds and the city at that point and decided just to get on with it and go to the airport.

Dublin airport is rubbish.  There were no signs to any eateries except one that was beyond security, so we figured well that's where you go to eat, through security.  However, when we got through we found out that there was a McDonalds and that sort of stuff BEFORE security and very little afterwards that was affordable.  We'd have to go through customs and then walk across the airport to get back there, then come back through security to get to our plane!  GRR!  Plus, our plane was delayed 1/2 hour.  >:<  We eventually found a bagel place that made some pretty affordable and tasty bagel sandwiches so it turned out alright in the end but I really just wanted to be home!

Once we arrived back in London it was pretty late. We were scheduled on the 10:00pm bus back to the city but we were out of the airport a little past 9:00.  Therefore, we figured we'd get on the 9:30 bus instead.  Us and this guy who had headphones on and was hardcore air performing (I'd say air guitar but this guy was putting on an entire concert).  However, the 9:30 driver didn't show up for work so we ended up on the 10:00 one anyway.  It was David, me, and one other guy, then air superstar. 

However, air superstar didn't have his ticket so the driver wouldn't let him on unless he bought a new one or if he went to the desk and got it sorted out for the 10:30 bus.  We thought for a bit that it was going to be a conflict because he kept saying he needed to be on that bus and he couldn't accept she wouldn't let him on!  Pretty scary.  But eventually he gave up and we left about 10 minutes late.  :/

Back to Palmer's Lodge for the rest of the time we're in London!  I don't like our room as much this time because now our bed curtains kind of droop so its not so private.  Plus, we had some German girls in our room who didn't understand the concept of SHUT UP or WHISPER!  Then some Aussie guys had the same problem.  All and all, our roommates were jerks.  Except for this American guy who shouted at the German girls, which was pretty awesome.  :D

Come home next Tuesday!!
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