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Today was a long day.  We woke up at 8am to get to the airport and then took our first Ryanair flight.  Ryanair is Europe super, super budget airline and has a reputation like you would expect: hassles, uncomfortable, sometimes outright scary.  All and all I didn't think it was a horrible flight and I don't like flying, period.

We got to Dublin at about 4:30 and took a bus into the city.  Our hostel was right of O'Connell Street, which is pretty much the tourist hub and right near the Liffey River.  Even if it wasn't this central it wouldn't matter; Dublin is a TINY city.

Honestly, from the moment we arrived I wasn't impressed with the city.  Its alright, but nothing special, especially when you're coming from a beautiful city like Prague.  Its understandable as the Irish have had some pretty hard times so why would they waste money on things like architecture.  But nonetheless I was a little disappointed because Ireland was definitely one of my life dream destinations.

So we arrived at the hostel and checked in.  It was pretty decent but really basic.  The only problem was that we had some awful roommates, one of whom spoke like a small child and kept trying to on the sly have relations with her boyfriend in a communal room.  Ew.

By the time we got settled we decided to go eat someplace.  Ended up at a chinese buffet as that's usually a good bet when you're cheap and hungry because you can eat a lot for not a lot.  :D  The buffet was pretty good but we were really stuffed at the end so decided to go back to the hostel and have a nap.  Well... the nap turned into a sleep and that was our night.  haha...

But we did manage to decide that we didn't really want to bother with Dublin.  Instead, we went and booked a trip out into the country, the Ireland I wanted to see, green hills and all that jazz.  The first one we picked was booked so we were a little scared but the second one had spots and was cheaper so hooray!
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photo by: fransglobal