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Today we wanted to do a little more of the not-to-miss London stuff, starting with the changing of the guard which we hadn't seen yet.  Well, guess what?  Still haven't seen it.  Because the Olympics are comin in 2012 to London there's going to be a HUGE celebration on Sunday right after the closing ceremonies.  This meant that the day before was for set up and rehearsal and of course this was taking place right in front of Buckingham Palace.  Changing of the Guard = cancelled.  :(

But we did make it to the Changing of the Calvary, which is horses so yey!  I like horses!  haha

Then we walked to Westminser Abbey for a look.  The price is a bit steep but it was okay with our student discount, and I'd put aside what I wanted to spend these last few days and it was within budget.  :D  The place is beautiful, but not as impressive as I'd hoped.  Still really amazing the people buried there (or at least their monuments are there).  There's also a room with all these wax and wood figures that were basically stand ins for the bodies of royals who had died and their bodies weren't quite ready for the funeral procession: creepy!  This is also where Poet's Corner is and there are some impressive names there, though a lot of them (like Shakespeare) aren't really at the Abbey.

Now it was time for lunch, so we walked up to a Tesco Express and bought a small picnic (some pastas, fruit, and soda) to take to Embankment Gardens.  We sat on the grass and enjoyed the little sun that managed to poke through the clouds.  So typically England.

Next we visited the National Portrait Gallery.  Its 3 floors of portraits of royalty, dignitaries, artists, actors and sports stars, all from England.  Pretty cool.  Plus, David and I were interested in how the monarchy succession worked so we had to read all the stories and sort of piece together British history.  :D

We walked up to ISH to have a drink and a bit of a rest because now we were thinking of the unthinkable: walking back to Swiss Cottage.  Walking is better than riding a bus or taking the tube because you see a lot more; the tube is the absolute worse, especially for tourists because you never figure out where you actually are!

So we walked by way of Regent's Park, up Primrose Hill to see another spectacular view, and back to the hostel agaian.  Surprisingly it didn't take us too long.  Then we realized we'd walked from Buckingham Palace to Swiss Cottage that day, and we were EXHAUSTED!  Dinner was ready meals (aka microwave meals) from MS Food and our discounted pints from the hostel, then time for sleep!
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photo by: ulysses