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Tower Bridge... Not London Bridge
I'm sitting here avoiding making a study guide for my final in my VERY LAST CLASS FOR COLLEGE!  YEY!  I've been taking an online class to finish my hours requirements while I've been here, and the final is this week.  Hope I do well!

Last night David and I went to another BUNAC pub meet, this time at the Old Thameside Inn by London Bridge.  David came to meet me after I got out of work and we walked around a bit.  First we walked over the famous London Bridge, which, btw, is very uninteresting.  In fact, a lot of people don't even realize that THAT is London Bridge; instead they think that the exponentially more cool Tower Bridge is the London Bridge.  We walked along the Thames for a bit, passed the Tower of London and over the Tower Bridge.
But we did walk over London Bridge
  It was a really nice little walk.

The pub meet was really fun.  At first the place was way too crowded and we had a hard time distinguishing who were the BUNAC people... eventually we passed by a group who were clearly young and American and just asked if they were there for the pub meet.  :P  A lot more people ended up being at this one than the last one, maybe because more people are in the city since the summer season is now really under way.  I wouldn't say the pub chosen was a good choice, but it was still a fun night.  Oh, and I love Pimms!  I will need to bring a bottle home for everyone to try.  :D

Took the last train home and arrived about midnight.  I had to be up at 6am and today at work I felt pretty hellacious.  Lucky for me, however, the phone system was screwed up so we couldn't get any incoming calls and therefore all the hectic-ness of the job was immediately erased!  It was hilarious because it was mid-day before the other girl at reception, Muriel, realized that we hadn't taken any calls.
Yeah.. that's it. London Bridge
  I had said something to the extent of "I wonder when they're going to fix the phones" and she said "Wait, the phones are broken?!"  LOL!

On another less happy note, I'm pretty peeved at our landlord.  She told me we'd have wireless internet on Wednesday.  It even says in our lease that wireless internet is included.  However, Wednesday comes and goes with no installer coming by.  I call this morning and find out that it was really supposed to be today, and the guy in the office was really rude to me even though they made the mistake.  Well, then I get home from work today and find out that they never delivered the wireless router.  Therefore, I'm chained into the living room at the moment.
.. and for 8 people there is only one internet connection.  :/  Of course, by the time the installer came, the people at the office had already run off for the day so they'll have to wait for tomorrow to get their ear-full.

But one more day of work and then its our first day trip!  YEY!  Stonehenge and Bath with BUNAC.  I'm really excited, and a bunch of people from the pub meet will be there as well!  :D  Can't wait!
mountainlover says:
Well, I did know that about London Bridge...glad to have something I know a bit about concerning London...lol. but, sadly that is about it. Must read more books. love the info on your " adventures"....keep it going.
David's gram
Posted on: Jun 13, 2008
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Tower Bridge... Not London Bridge
Tower Bridge... Not London Bridge
But we did walk over London Bridge
But we did walk over London Bridge
Yeah.. thats it.  London Bridge
Yeah.. that's it. London Bridge
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