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I ate a piece of the sausage, but other than that, a full English breakfast
On Saturday David and I decided to finally fufill two of our England wishes: 1) to have a full English breakfast, and 2) to see a football match!

We narrowed down our breakfast plans and decided to go to Uplands Bar, whose breakfast I had read about online as being pretty fantastic.  Went for a nice little walk to find it, only to discover it was closed.  London places have this really quirky idea that people only go out for breakfast or afternoon tea on weekdays, when in fact I don't understand who has time to do these things on a 9-5 schedule!  Anyway, we kept on walking and discovered another little busy cafe and prepared to feast.

The full English breakfast is massive and is being blamed for heart disease which is rampant in this country.
Craven Cottage!
  It consists of: eggs (usually fried or scrambled), sausage, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, baked beans, bacon and toast.  Delicious!!!  And filling... I almost thought I was going to puke afterwards because I was so stuffed (and I didn't even finish it!!)!!  BTW - note on bacon in this country: there are two different kinds, 'bacon' and 'streaky bacon.'  Their regular bacon is from the pig's back and I think we might call that ham, but I'm not sure.  Streaky bacon is the bacon we would regard as normal.  Just a little fun food factoid for you.  Oh, and some alliteration as well!!  :D

Now it was off to Borough Market to kill some time before the game!  This is a really amazing food market near London Bridge that we are so going back to when we're more hungry!  ;)  Just this massive market of all the organic fruits/vegs, cheeses, meats and poultry, beer, wine, and candy you could ever want.
  Sampled some stuff, including this amazing elderflower and gooseberry jam (who knew!).  We also tried some Cornish ice cream that was incredibly delicious: its made with cornish cream, honey, eggs, and something else I can't remember, then made into different flavors, all organic.  We had the chocolate with mint, and it was different in the sense of it had real sprigs of mint in it, none of that fake mint flavor.  To die for!!  Next time we're going to get venison wraps, homemade cider, and homemade chocolate (they had some intense flavors, like chili and lavendar), I promise you I'll report on it!  lol

Then we headed for Craven Cottage, home of Fulham football club!  This was a friendly match against Celtic but you could tell the Celtic fans didn't care: they were ready and raring to go in full regalia!  OMG, more alliteration.
I have a lot of these pictures. I should make a series entitled 'Chrissy and David Self Portraits'
..  In fact, you could hardly tell that we were at Fulham because their supporters decided to stay home I suppose.  Anyway, they were very fun.  The game was great, too.  Fulham scored in the first two minutes and went on to win 3-1 with some pretty intense goals.  I was really glad David got to see a game while we were here, because he was a bit sad that it wouldn't be football season until we were about to leave.

After that we went on to visit Harrod's department store.  They claim to have anything and everything, though I'm not so sure.  They did have some kind of cools stuff, but for the most part I wasn't very interested.  I did think the Pet area was cool: rabbits for 30 pounds and kittens for 1000.  Lol...

After that we were really tired and returned home.
  Lucked out and got one of the last roasted chickens at Somerfield for 79p, and essentially made a meal for both of us for less than 2 pounds.  Sweet!

Done at my last temp job.  Very sad to go!  The head PA left me a great reference and I ended up getting a new placement for at least Monday, hopefully for a bit.  Its a rolling contract because I guess they didn't like the last temp they had.  :x  We'll see how it goes.  I'm excited to be working in Oxford Circus though!  I'll be right in the middle of everything.  :D

Next weekend is Paris!
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I ate a piece of the sausage, but …
I ate a piece of the sausage, but…
Craven Cottage!
Craven Cottage!
I have a lot of these pictures.  I…
I have a lot of these pictures. …
Fulham side...lots of empty seats
Fulham side...lots of empty seats
Celtic side
Celtic side
photo by: ulysses