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Old Istanbul City Walls

So the next morning we decided to check out the old city walls, which is suppoed to be a glorious momento of Istanbul's former days. When we arrived, we saw black smoke and smelled charcoal as soon as we walked near. When we climbed over into the wall, we saw throngs of these VERY sketchy people burning and selling all kinds of questionable items. Later we learned that these lovely folks are gypsies and the area we picked just happens to be the "black market" of Istanbul where all kinds of stolen goods transfer hands.

So after our near-death experience with the band of marauding thieves, we decided we needed some fresh seafood and hopped on the train to the waterfront. Once there, we hit up the ships docked along the shoreline selling 4 lira fresh fish sandwiches, one of the two missions we needed to accomplish that day.

The gypsy meeting grounds for the Black Market
The other task was to find a 1 lira donair shop, which we found half-way to Taxim. I must admit that the 1 lira donair was a little disappointing, but we had to try it out of principle. After washing that down with some fresh-squeezed blood orange juice, we headed back to the hostel to wait for our night bus to Selcuk, meeting the Turkish George Clooney along the way. Our last dinner before eating was at the restaurant literally right outside our hostel. After trying to get us to eat there since the first day we arrived, we finally caved and went there. The problem with the Turks is that they are so damn friendly that it’s hard to say no!

The bus ride to Selcuk was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that, on the ferry when we all got off, some old fellow approached us and started talking in Turkish to me. Between the gestures and numbers he was writing on the table, I suspect I either sold Tiff or married her off for around 50 camels.

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Old Istanbul City Walls
Old Istanbul City Walls
The gypsy meeting grounds for the …
The gypsy meeting grounds for the…
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Exploring the City Walls, not kno…
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Turkish George Clooney
Turkish George Clooney
photo by: Memo