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Amazing beaches that were mostly empty

I spent the day asking Gerald, my chauffeur, to drive me around the city to get a feel for the city. The sheer number of cranes was astonishing! I don’t think you can go for 500 meters in any direction and anywhere in the city and not have a crane right around the corner.

I drove by some gorgeous beaches along the way to the Burj al Arab, but was surprised by the fact that the beaches were nearly all empty! I learned afterwards that a large stretch of the beach is actually private and that only certain portions remained public.

Gerard toured me around the Marina area, and we saw the completed Palm Island. There are plans to build two more of these monstrosities! Just in talking to Gerard, the housing prices in Dubai are surprisingly affordable, being roughly equivalent of Saskatchewan prices.

Shopping mall designed to mimic old Arabic markets
Hearing that, I was half-temped to sell one of the places in Regina and get a property in Dubai!

Gerard showed me around to the various malls in the city, some that have spectacular designs that mimic ancient Arabic markets and some that are designed to replicate Venice with the cannels and bridges. I have since become convinced that there are more malls in Dubai than there are residents.

I wrapped up the night be visiting the Emirate Towers and the financial district. The Dubai Stock Exchange is housed in an all-glass building that looks really impressive at night. I hear many people lost fortunes in that exchange because residents at first treated it like a casino since gambling is illegal.

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Amazing beaches that were mostly e…
Amazing beaches that were mostly …
Shopping mall designed to mimic ol…
Shopping mall designed to mimic o…
Burj Dubai, the tallest tower int …
Burj Dubai, the tallest tower int…
Dubai by night
Dubai by night
Emirate Towers
Emirate Towers
Dubai Exchange
Dubai Exchange
Development plans for Dubai, appar…
Development plans for Dubai, appa…
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