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                When my dad called me up to see if I could take some time off to go away with the family for my mom’s birthday I didn’t hesitate to say yes! What a better way to spend a vacation then with my family!  Going away with “the family” has a whole different spin when everyone is of "drinking age" lol. And being that it had been a while since we’ve gone away, I was eager to get things started.  The only kicker is getting to the airport so early... or late depending on how you look at it because we didn’t get to bed at all (lol).

                We’d all been to the Dominican before several times, and actually my parents have even stayed at the same hotel before so they knew exactly where they were going to book. The hotel even up graded our rooms and our all-inclusive bracelets too since my parents had been there before, so that is always a plus ;o)

                I love the Dominican, especially Punta Cana. The beaches are so white, and water is so blue and overall it’s just a wonderful place to go to on vacation without having to be trapped in a plane for hours at a time - which is another plus!  I am an early bird on vacaition, up at the crack of dawn - literally. But I like to get an early start on the day, walk around and really take everything in. By the time others are just getting out of bed I feel like I've been up for hours, (lol) ok maybe I really have been, but you can always take a siesta on the beach listening to the sounds of the ocean and the spanish music playing faintly in the background - so why waste the day in bed! 

                We spent our days relaxing pool side or beach side which is exactly what I had planned to do. I wasn’t interested in really leaving the resort to go on excursions because I had done so much of that on previous trips. It felt as if all we did was eat, drink, swim, drink, eat, drink and lounge around all was heaven!

                In the evenings there was always a lot to do with 2 shows going on every night, a casino and a disco on site  and lots of local nightclubs and bars close by. We won a little money, did a lot of dancing and met lots of really great people! Everyone is always in such a great mood and you can definitely feel the vacation vibe.

                Before you knew it the week was over and you hate to be the first one to take off your all-inclusive bracelet. Why is that?! I ususally don't take mine off until I am back in Toronto, I just cant bare to end the vacation until I really have to hahaha. Less than 4 hours later we were back in Toronto with some great memories and a vow that "next time" we’d go for 2 weeks :o)

snydes22 says:
Nice blog. Makes me want to go even more now
Posted on: May 02, 2008
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Punta Cana
photo by: B-Town