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Back to Luxor again. I always rent an apartment (flat) on the West Bank so I can feel like one of the locals for all of one week. I love having my own key and directing taxis, not to a hotel, but to a local street in a particular village. I love the warm 'Salaam Alaykum' that I get from my neighbors and the local shop where I buy my daily bread, juice and water. I've even gotten used to the braying of the camels that are brought to the street behind my flat, unlike last year when it sounded like I had a wounded animal in my kitchen and I almost had a heart attack). I know now, without looking at my clock, that when I hear the raised voices of the boys amidst jaunty laughter and indignant protests from the camels that it's about 10am and I should probably get out and do something. . Unfortunately, the flat I'd fallen in love with last year was unavailable but my new digs had different advantages. The bathroom was HUGE and the Nile view from the rooftop garden was second to none. I felt so at home that I didn't really 'do' anything for the first few days besides get my mandatory sunset felucca ride, fill up on falafel, tahina and hot bread and finally catch up on 'Prison Break'. Hey, I needed stress relief after the ATM machine ate my card TWICE!

Finally. I decided to visit Dendera temple, a site I had missed on my last two visits. I arranged a private car with a local driver and joined the 8am convoy. We were the last car before the armed police least we were in the beginning. What is with grown men turning into 5 year olds at the sight of open road?? The drivers all try to one up each other while we passengers pray and try to act nonchalant. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and said something. We then went from warp speed to 'not too bad but I'm still happy I skipped breakfast."

Dendera Temple was A MA ZING. I didn't have a guide so my friend, who speaks Arabic, found a guard to show us around. The guard told him about the temple and he translated for me. I think that guard showed us every nook and cranny...literally. Up down, around, outside, to the Nilometer, up the enbankment and back. We barely made it back to the car for the convoy. A tip well earned and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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photo by: LadyMaja