Day 1 - Pheonix to Madera Canyon

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Our Ugly Car... at least no one wanted to steal it
On the 21st we flew into Pheonix with Air Canada, which has really upped the customer service a notch. After my last bad experience with West Jet, this amazing (movies included) experience with Air Canada might make me go to the dark side. Pheonix Airport is one of the most well organized airports I have ever flown into, with "where to go next" being marked very clearly, and a clever free of charge ground transport system to get you to a) your rental car b) a parking lot where your pick up can comfortably wait or c) into the city etc.

So we rented a cheap car from budget rental, and it was REALLY ugly. With tank slits for windows (not exactly condusive to bird watching). By the same engineer who created the PT Cruiser. Comfortable and not likely to be stolen though, so thus equiped, we set out of the city towards Madera Canyon to stay at the Santa Rita Lodge.

Once at the lovely lodge (which I strongly recommend to any birder-basic rooms, superb location) we went for a short hike and saw (lifers for me):
Bridled Titmouse
Arizona (formerly Stricklands) Woodpecker
Townsend Warbler
Broad Billed Hummingbird
Black Chinned Hummingbird
Great Tailed Grackle
Which was pretty good considering we didnt head out until 5pm.
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Our Ugly Car... at least no one wa…
Our Ugly Car... at least no one w…
Cacti in Madera Canyon
Cacti in Madera Canyon
photo by: ahtibat17