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The View from Sirocco in Bangkok
We left the hotel on the coach and went with the group to see them off on their boat ride. They were all going on a dinner cruise. I took a few photos of the river, boats, a hotel that looked pretty cool overlooking the river. Then we hopped in a taxi and went over to the State Tower.

Took a photo of the building, and then went inside and there were about 5 people asking us where we were going.. did we have a reservation... then we found out that the "Dome" has about 3 restaurants and we didn't have any idea what the name of it was.

So, after a lot of hand motions, they finally sent us up to the 64th floor and we walked out onto this patio overlooking the city in the restaurant called Sirocco. It was truly breath taking! I mean... you just have never seen anything before in your life.

I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers, The Sears tower in Chicago, The Space needle, however, none of them have the exposure that this building gives you. You are 811 feet in the air and as you walk down this staircase towards the bar, you have about a 180 degree view of the city. It was truly spectacular! The city is lit up and beautiful. It looks a lot cleaner from 811 feet in the air.

You make it down the stairs, and it is really something because it feels very steep, and you walk back up a level or two and land at this circular bar that is glowing beautiful bright colors. We almost immediately found George, and he introduced us to his friend Hartley. Today was Hartley's birth day and we were honored to celebrate with them. Hartley was one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Easy to talk with, funny, and I thought, very laid back. We had a drink and then walked around the bar and realized that the far end of the bar is extended over the edge of the building. Just really fabulous design. I took a whole bunch of photos, which is not allowed, but I did it anyway. I wish I had a tripod because night photos from your hand = Blurry shots.
I did get one or two pretty decent shots, but I did the best I could. Then we were summoned that our table was ready, and walked over to the table. The chairs are the heaviest chairs in the world. They have to be so they don't get blown around up there.

The breeze was lovely, and there was a live band playing jazz up above us. The band was a bit loud, but you can't really complain about anything since the experience is just over the top. George ordered some lovely wine to start with, and then we just hung out and talked.. about everything. The meal service was slow... not a bad slow... just not in your face making you feel rushed. The menu was tremendous so many options from all over the world. Australian Rack of Lamb, Chilean Sea Bass, Maine Lobster, Scottish Salmon, we were ready to do some eating! After being in Bangkok since Friday and really not having a satisfying meal since leaving NY, this was so exciting! I ordered Vine ripe tomatoes with mozzarella, beetroot reduction and spiced vegetable aranccini for an appetizer and Seared veal medallion topped with ricotta spinach ravioli served with potato galette on Pommery mustard sauce, for my entree. The food came, and it was really great. Good flavors, no smells that make you wonder what alley this was sitting on before they threw it in the wok. Just a great meal. George was so funny, I was crying I was laughing so hard a few times. The wine bottles were empty. They came with a birthday cake, and sang happy birthday. They finished the song for Hartley with.. "Happy Birthday Dear HARERY.... " Since they have trouble pronouncing the L's. Hartley blew out the candles, and the cake was pretty good.

The meal ended and we closed the restaurant... it was late, and I was really beat. By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 1:00 am and I went pretty much right to bed after a video call with Rick.
So, the evening was polar opposite to our experience thus far in Thailand, and I finally ate a good meal!
poohstanggt says:
Was just looking on TB to see if anyone had talked about Sirocco and funny I find your blog! LOL. We ate there Sunday night...OMG, the views and the food were out of this world...along with our tab at the end of the night but it was definitely worth it.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
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I am in Bangkok for work. So, we got into the meeting room to setup right at 5:00 pm and started setting up. In normal fashion, the guy from the AV company, Kenny, didn't want me to help with the setup. This happens a lot when we work with companies on international shows.

We just assume that they feel like you are the client and they don't want you to work too hard. Mostly likely, they just don't trust us.... Nah.. just kidding. They are incredibly nice to work with and they work so hard and methodical. Kenny is a rock star and I am fortunate to have him on this show.
So, we finished the setup around 11:30. It took longer than I would have wanted, but the hotel was slow striking the room from the previous group so that held us up a bit.
I was tired and even though it was late I thought I should get some food. I hit the Hotel bar, and this woman came right for me.. telling me "No Chaats" I was so tired... and looked at her like... "What?" and she kept saying "No Chaats" and pointing at my legs. I realized she was saying "No Shorts" So, I just went to bed. Hungry... sweaty... tired.

I know.. poor Steve.
Woke up around 5:00 am feeling pretty good.. went down to the Ballroom around 5:45 and fired up the sound system. I did a test record and all was well, so around 6:30 got some food at the Breakfast buffet restaurant. It was really decent food, but I just am not big on breakfast.

Tonight we are going to a cool resturaunt on the 65th floor of a building.. check out the place!

The humidity in Bangkok is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. Two to three minutes outside and you are just soaked from head to toe. The Temp is running about 95 degrees but the humidity is just overwhelming! The heat index is running about 105 degrees.

We hopped in a cab and wanted to go see the Grand Palace, however we found out that it wasn't going to be open till late afternoon and then only for a short period of time. So, the Taxi driver dropped us off near the river and we wondered around this area that was an outdoor produce and meat market. The smells were crazy and you had to have a strong stomach not to get sick. I took some photos and then talked to some people on the street about the area. They seemed over eager to help us figure out where we should go. I think it is mostly because they like to practice their English. So, we hopped in a Tuk Tuk, which is a motorcycle/taxi kinda thing, and next thing you know, you are ripping through the streets at lightning speed heading towards the sky train to head to the weekend market. The deal with the Tuk Tuk Driver was that he would basically wait for us anywhere we went, as long as we went to his sponsor and pretended to shop around for 10 minutes. His sponsor happened to be some big export company for precious stones. When you enter their building, they take you through the factory first. Which is just a room with about 30 workers in it and they are all making jewelry. Although, it is a racket... I am glad we went along with it because it was pretty cool to see the workers making jewelry.
On to the Sky Train... at the first station, there was a huge shopping mall which I was curious to see... not that I needed to buy anything, I just wanted to see how it was inside. So, after about 10 minutes of walking around in the sweet air conditioning, I had seen what I wanted to see, and back on the Sky Train up to Mo Chit to the weekend market.

The weekend market was so big, there is just no way to grasp what the size is because you are only able to see what is in front of you. I would guess the market is the size of 3 football fields.
So, after wondering around for a while fighting off the impending nausea because of the heat, humidity, and un-definable smells emanating from all sorts of things and places, We finally stopped at some outdoor restaurant for an ice cold Asahi beer. That's what we stopped for... what we got was a luke warm Asahi beer. That seems to be pretty average though. Nothing short of a 4 star hotel really gives you a cold beer.
It was nice to get out of the sun.. check to see if I was getting sunburned. All is good. I picked up a pair of asian lamps for about 8 bucks, and a north face waist bag for about 6 bucks cuz I was tired of having my jean pockets loaded down with everything. Then I saw an American guy standing at a shop with a Harley Davidson shirt on from Woodstock New York. I was excited to see that since I grew up about 20 minutes from that shop. I talked to him, and it turned out that he bought the shirt here in Bangkok. Too funny. He was from Lake Chelan Washington though, so we did have a bit in common to talk about. He is a school teacher and lives part time in Washington, and then part time in Bangkok. He avoids the winter I guess.
Then the temperature dropped considerably, and there were loud claps of thunder. It started to rain which felt great, but then stopped after only a few drops.
Back to the hotel on the Sky Train, and a wonderful shower. The shower here has two heads.. one regular head and then you turn a knob, and it has a rain head. Just amazing.

At the hotel bar we ordered some food, and had some mini pizza, nachos, and the McConrad... which was mini burgers.
Then time for a nap.

It was really hard to get up after the nap, but better to get up and go out, than to sleep till 11:00 pm and be up all night. So, we went back over to Pat Pong Night market, and shopped around for a while. I now have 4 Rolex's and two Breitling watches. (I have to stop buying knock off watches)

Then to the Happy Beer garden for a beer and some people watching. By this time it was almost midnight and I was fading, so we got a cab, and got back to the hotel. I got right into bed and fell asleep till almost 5:30 am. I am still a little sleepy today, but had a decent breakfast and my vendor is arriving, around 12:00 pm and we have to be setup by 5:00 for a client walk though of the slides.

poohstanggt says:
The Grand Palace not being open til late in the day turns out to be a scam. We were warned - just a ploy for taxi drivers to get you on longer fares elsewhere. There were even people right near the entrance trying to scam tourists that it wasn't open! LOL. We got approached 5 or 6 times that it wouldn't be open til late afternoon and only for a bit...funny though - we got there and it was open...all day, just like the sign says! LOL. The scam artist Tuk Tuk and cab drivers were the only thing I really didn't like about Bangkok.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
The View from Sirocco in Bangkok
The View from Sirocco in Bangkok
photo by: Deats