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Is this really who I'll be spending a week with?

We left Las Vegas at 1am and spent a lazy 4 hours in Houston (little did we know it would only be the beginning of our time in Houston but that would come later).  We arrived in Roatan after our 3 hour flight to a very abrupt stop on a very short runway. Looking out the window of the plane it appears you are simply going to land in the water. We stepped onto the tarmac and were instantly melting in the sauna that would be our home for the next week. Unfortunately the airport in Roatan is not very advanced and since two planes arrived one after the other it took an hour and half to get through customs and collect our bags (there was one person checking in both planes of people) did I mention no A/C.

First views of Roatan
Once outside the airport we met our taxi driver Mario. Mario thought he was a race car driver and drove us through the one crazy winding undulating street that circumvents the entire island to our resort Luna Beach. Our first glimpses of the island would reveal to us just what beauty we were in for. This island is a jungle paradise surrounded by white sand beaches and a massive coral ring.  Mario safely delivered us to our house where we were shocked at its pure beauty. This place was crazy! We hauled our luggage up 3 flights of stairs to our house and deposited on our private deck to check out the new pad. The front deck had two hammocks two patio tables and chairs and was fully enclosed. The interior was fully mahogany (we would learn that things are built with mahogany so the termites can't damage it.) the chairs, tables, dressers, walls, everything matched. We had 4 master bed rooms, a full kitchen, washer and dryer and two more balconies. My first 2 hours in Roatan and I was ready to move to Honduras. Once we all settled in we decided to go find food. We hiked down the hill to the beach and followed the beach into West End where we were told the night life and most of the restaurants were. We found our way to a restaurant called the Lobster Pot (which had been recommended on a travel website) and sat down for our first of many meals. Jess and I got there first somehow and ordered tropical beverages and were amazed at how fresh they were. The boys followed shortly and the six of us sat at our plastic table in the sand looking out at the ocean surrounded by palm trees sipping fruit drinks laughing and enjoying being away from it all. Everyone but me ordered the Surf and Turf for $20 they couldn't wait (the figured you couldn't beat the price). Joe had forgotten to put bug spray on and was being eaten alive luckily the waitress was kind enough to bring him some extra spray. Something everyone should be very well aware of when on an island such as Roatan is that Island Time really does exist and Lobster Pot was a prime example of this; we were the only people there that night and our food took 1 1/2 hours. My thoughts: "who cares, where do we have to be?" However, never wait until you are starving to go eat. When our food did come everyone but me were disappointed with their portion size (fat Americans all) the steaks were small as were the lobster tails when compared to what we are use to seeing in the States. That's the key though compared to the States. You aren't in the States you're in Roatan. Everyone said it was delicious and my chicken and pasta was great. Jess and I called it a night at this point, we'd been up since 6am March 2nd (minus a few naps on the plane) and were beat but the boys were ready to go check out the night life. They found it by means of the Twisted Toucan, Luna's Bar, and Foster's after much drinking for little dollars they decided to wrestle on the beach at which point Earl came out victorious, Eric was out of breath, Mike pulled his hamstring and Joe was smart enough to stay out of it.

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Is this really who Ill be spendin…
Is this really who I'll be spendi…
First views of Roatan
First views of Roatan
photo by: islandflavour