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This beautiful palms were all over the island

I woke up early so I could get another day of snorkeling in. It was well worth it. The area right off of our own beach at Luna was full of life. After about a 1/2 hour I had to head back to the house so we could return our scooters.  On the way back from dropping of the scooters we did a few last minute souvenirs shopping and finally found the burrito lady.

Mario took us on another scary ride to the airport (beer bottle in hand). We spent 2 1/2 hours getting through customs this time (sweet). Our plan was late leaving so when we arrived at Houston we had 1/2 hour to make it through customs to our next gate (not gonna happen but man did we try).

This is our Macaw friend.
My bag didn't help since it was the last one off the belt. There were 10 people in all that were on the Roatan plane going to Las Vegas at 5pm and they didn't hold the plane so 10 of us had to be put on stand-by for the 7pm plane. I got a guaranteed spot on the 9pm plane but Mike and Jess needed at least one of them to get home for their kid so I let Mike have my spot (since he was practically in tears).  Jess and Mike, Joe and Earl both made that flight. Eric and I were put in to a room and told to be back at 6am to try standby for the next day. We got to the hotel only to find that Continental had overused there comps for the night so we had to pay for the room (whatever just let me sleep we will deal tomorrow). We finally decided we should just split up Eric made the 7am flight out and I was promised a flight on the Monday 5pm flight but did make the 9am flight Sunday only because the weather in Houston got so bad that lots of planes couldn't land. I will never fly Continental again. The longer we were there the less important we became to them. People who were there shorter times then us got out before us frequently and they made us feel like we were at fault when the reality was their plane was the one that was delayed. The offered us a $6 food comp (are you kidding me? how far do you think $6 is going to get you in the airport? I shouldn't feel bad for something that was completely beyond my control).  I hate ending my vacation bad. There fore from now on I plan to stay on vacation :)


vances says:
An excellent concluding thought...admire your positive vibe!
Posted on: Mar 13, 2007
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This beautiful palms were all over…
This beautiful palms were all ove…
This is our Macaw friend.
This is our Macaw friend.
Loving life, each other, and vacat…
Loving life, each other, and vaca…
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