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She's actually very afraid of the monkey!

So the boys have taken to drinking every night since it's so cheap and somehow I don't know if it's the miracle of the beer (Salva Vida is delicious) or just the island itself they don't seem to be hung over.  Jess Eric and I took off on the scooters to go check out Gumbalimba Park and zip through the Canopy. Joe and Earl I believe went shopping this day and Mike since he pulled his hamstring and was crying like a little girl about it decided not to come with us. The rain started this day and we figured it wasn't too bad to take the scooters and since we would be under the cover of the canopy we would be okay, plus if we didn't go on the 5th we would be faced with Cruise Ship people every other day and we didn't want to deal with lines.

This guy just flew over and decided on Eric's shoulder as somewhere to rest.
Of course we got there 10minutes too late we got stuck behind a group of 35 screeching teenagers (talk about a nightmare). The best was the girl who wouldn't let go of her boyfriend and then when it's her turn she actually asked if they could go together (wanted to push her off the platform myself). Once the group was finally on their way we were off and zipping from one tree to the next. What a BLAST! Jessika even went Superman Style and loved it, the rain really started coming down and all the grease off of the lines managed to find it's way onto our clothes and faces but really as we were to discover everyday in Honduras is an adventure. Upon reaching the bottom of the zip line you are on the beach (Tabayana to be exact) from there you can take a guided tour up through their banana tree walkway (5 different kinds). Then into Coxen's cave and learn the history of the island, the guide will show you the different types of flora in the park and point out a Monkey La-la (lizard). After crossing a bridge over the freshwater spring you will be in animal territory surrounded by lots of squawking birds then onto the monkey area. These guys are pretty funny, they come to you if they want and will steal from you if you aren't careful. They are very good pickpockets and like shiny things. They went for Eric's glasses, and tried to get into one girls backpack. One of the parrots did poop on a screaming teenage girl’s hair, but in fairness she was screeching before it pooped.

DefDulce says:
If she was not screeching..she would not have been an easy target.
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
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Shes actually very afraid of the …
She's actually very afraid of the…
This guy just flew over and decide…
This guy just flew over and decid…
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