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These guys would fight with each other for your attention.

The rain continues and continues to put an end to many things. Jessika and I had to pay $60 to get to the spa we thought that was a lot then we found out just how far away 25miles can be.  The one road the wraps the island is winding and full of potholes and random speed bumps and one I wouldn't want to take on the scooter in the rain.

After an hour ride via van Jessika and I finally arrive at the Parrot Tree Plantation where we are told the Sante Wellness Spa is, just where, is still a mystery and the rain is really coming down.  We run into the coffee shop and ask. As neither of us speaks Spanish I work on my sign language skills and work out that on the end of the dock just a head there is a house and from the house I call the spa and they send a boat to come get us.

There were beautiful birds at the spa
So again into the rain we run to the end of the dock (mind you we in flip flops, tank tops, and shorts and expecting to be relaxed - thus far NOT RELAXED) we get to the little house at the end of the dock only for it to be locked. So we make our way to every stand along the dock looking for a phone or anything resembling a phone.  We are finally heading back into the shore when we see at the very start of the dock a stanchion (house looking) with an intercom system that clearly states BUZZ FOR SANTE (still not sure how we missed it). Sure enough we hear the boat start up in less than 2 minutes and are at Sante in under 10 but we are soaked all the way through, at least we are laughing about how "Everyday in Roatan is an adventure". Angela at Sante dries our clothes for us and we commence our 2 hours worth of massage/ wraps followed by chai tea and foot soaks on her lovely porch looking out on the ocean. Her husband Leon delivers us safely back to the dock and our taxi.  We got home at this beautiful Macaw we'd seen flying around came right up to our balcony and sat there. He said "hello" "olla" over and over for about 1/2 hour he took bread right out of my hand and allowed me to pet him before finally flying away. I mean seriously where does that happen?

The boys decided after our adventure at Gumbalimba to go so Eric went for a second time (at half the price). This time the monkeys became hair stylist one smashed a banana into Eric's hair proceeded to rub it into his hair like it was product. Only to top himself by regurgitating into his hand and smashing that into Eric's hair and following the product regimen (wish I'd been there to see it).


E_Beth says:
LMAO @ that last paragraph! PRICELESS!!
Posted on: Jan 21, 2013
Stigen says:
amazing animal life on the island ! must be cool!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
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These guys would fight with each o…
These guys would fight with each …
There were beautiful birds at the …
There were beautiful birds at the…
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