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The trip to Lima took a few hours on a local bus and we arrived into a sprawling city bathed in late afternoon sunshine. Our transfer took us out of the city centre, through Miraflores - an affluent part of Lima - where plenty of surfing (some surf beaches are named after those in Hawai'i) and paragliding was going on. We even saw a small van overturn in front of us but luckily the guys came out though the window unscathed.


Home for the next couple of nights was Barrio Barranco, the next suburb out of Lima past Miraflores, and another well-off one. After a decent feed (and a host more than happy to get out the guitar for us) we were out on the tiles in Barranco, checking out the Bierhaus before being checked-out at 'Downtown', Peru's premier gay nightclub. It has to be said that we don't frequent gay clubs as a rule, but it was only fair to the gay contingent of the group who had put up with the testosterone-fuelled bars of South America for the duration of the trip. It turned out to be a great night, although there are no pictures. Not because anything untoward happened of course, but the bouncers take your camera off you to prevent you from snapping prominent Peruvians, who would prefer the fact that they visited gay clubs kept quiet, at least from their wives/husbands.  In fact, there are no pics of Lima at all as by now the camera was RIP, which is a shame, as it was quite nice.


The next morning I didn't feel well, and it was with difficulty that we packed and checked out, ready to kill a day in Lima before our midnight flight to LA. We headed into Lima centre to see it's charming colonial architecture and colourful facades. We walked around the (heavily policed) Plaza de Armas and some of the neighbouring streets and despite the bad reputation, we quite liked it. We also had a stroll along the cliff-tops of Miraflores and lover's park, which is also lovely. That evening we said a very emotional farewell to the rest of the group before heading to the airport where a final bit of annoyance was to be found. Pet hate 1: Being charged additional aiport taxes to leave a country. Pet hate 2: Buying water for the flight AFTER security and STILL not being allowed to take in on-board.  I still wasn't feeling too well, and was beginnning to wonder if the Guinea Pig was having it's revenge (in hindsight, accidentally eating the spinal chord can't have been a good thing). Em was convinced that is was Toby taking his revenge.


It had been an amazing 6 weeks and we were very sad to be leaving South Amercia. However, we have a feeling it won't be too long before we return..





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photo by: rsvpme