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Well like the title says i slipped in- and i slipped out. i was tempted to spend the night in Korce, but i decided to follow what might be a one time possibility and that was rolling way off the beaten track into a small mountain village called Voskopoja.

First off, why was i in Korce which is three hours away from Elbasan?

Well i attended Bible school for two seperate years back in texas. It was an international Bible school called Capernwray or Torchbearers- extremely cool school and a most excellent experience for me. Well i found out they had a branch in Albania of all places in a small town called Erseka in the far north of Albania. I decided with only a week and a half left in Albania before returning home for Christmas that i would like to make the trip out there. Origionally the trip was planned for me, my friend Chris and a friend from Albania named Krishnik to go with us. Krishnik is one of our best friends here and he would also be our crutch so we could navigate cities and bus schedules with ease. But Krishnik could not make it at the last second and we had students that wanted to meet us this weekend, all of this happened on Wen. and we were to leave on Friday. I then decided, Chris should stay, he was cool with that, and i would make the trip alone. We all knew i was in for a bit of an adventure since we have never been south, or south east before and they have a different accent and well, anything could happen, especially with public transportation.

Well, now i screwed myself and a word to the wise traveller, learn from my mistake, which i knew better than to make- do not ever get into a taxi or agree to a trip without agreeing on the price first or without knowing the usual rate. i did this, so anxious was i in the morning to find a micro bus to Korce, that in the end i paid about $7 more than i should of. doesn't sound like a lot huh? well, think of this, i paid three times what the fare should have been- it was all my fault.damn. oh well.

Anyways. I arrived in Korce and i had planned on staying one day in either Korce or in Voskopoja. Voskopoja is a beautiful, church filled town, that is laden with rich history dating well before Byzantine time. But it is very small and very off the normal path of most travellers, especially this time of year. Well i am risking it- and i have little doubt it will be all i hoped for and more. Korce is like it projects itself to be, very beautiful, the cleanest of the big cities i've seen and very cool. I like it- Alot.

But i gotta bounce, i don't have time to check the churches here or the other historical sites Korce is rich with.

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