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We’ve just arrived in Elbasan and have Pellumb, our pastor, mentor and leader here. We have also met his two sons Adriana and Mile. This place is exactly what I expected, poor, disheveled and small, but perfect in every way of what we were expecting. It is looking more and more that we might be living in this small two bedroom apartment with Pellumb’s sons who are going to the university here and that will be perfect for us. So we shall see, Pellumb is working it out possibly with some non Christian families, but we might just tell him this situation is good with us. We will pray about it and see. Either way we are here. Chris is passed out on the couch and I am just recollecting my thoughts about being here.


All I can really say is that we have finally, finally arrived. Just like our journey through life, it has taken time to get here, there were some obstacles but all in all it has been so good for us to be here. I am quite excited about seeing and meeting the believers here.


In all things we are thrilled to be here. We have a very good kinship and the same mindset with Zef’ and the Albanian way here. Zef’ said that he was afraid he would actually offend us, not the other way around. But we are thick skinned and old school and new school in many ways from our ministry time in the states so we feel completely at home here and like we are allowed to just be ourselves and that is probably one of the most important things we can ask for, as far as personal comforts go.


Here there are a lot of gypsy horse drawn carts, open markets on the main drag in and just a simple flat layout to the city. It has a pleasant, very much more laid back feeling than Tirana and a little more similar to Durres but with maybe a more simple mindset and attitude. Our apartment is off one of the two main drags, but not the “main” one. The highschool and a few of the university off campus buildings are around us as well.

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photo by: d_ct30travel