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but my friend Liam rephrased it for me by saying,

"stability makes secure people".

I'll be turning 21 soon... and I haven't had or found any stability so far, maybe I sabotaged it, maybe I overlooked it, maybe I did not want it? I leave things incomplete, I say goodbuy before I even said hello ... I'm horribly imperfect. I often dwell in a mind space beyond here, someplace forgotten or rejected by others ... I often long for things to be different. When my time is ready I'll pack a bag full of clothes, a pen, a refill and a moleskin, my camera and beliefs... I'll throw away my cellphone and travel to rural places and live with the ones who keep their hands hard and their hearts soft. People who are uninformed about manicures and hair masks, diets, top ups and high street fashion and cocaine ... This is a difficult concept for my generation to understand. This is what I've been wanting to do all my life!

esperanto says:
:) when people find stability in their lives they begin to take everything for granted. The lover becomes less beautiful more plain, the trees more mundane, the job more boring, money less glamorous. I'd prefer to live a whirlwind of constantly changing emotions, bright and beautiful people, than a life of underappreciating the things around me. If you search for something stable in your life make sure its something that will change, grow, and become more beautiful with every day.. Just my 2pence. Hope all is well in your world. And way cool pics btw. X
Posted on: May 06, 2009
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after a long days work
after a long days work
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photo by: rohanie