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This was not my first visit to China, hell I was born in Hong Kong, and it won't be my last either, The first three things you see that is very differnt (aside from the language) is Smog..... It's unbelievable hazy and smoggy, and even when I have guests from China vist me here in San Francisco, they all remark "Wow the sky's soooo blue!" Sound crazy I know but go to google earth and check it out for yourself, the second thing is smells, There is no good way to describe the smell of China and it all pretty much smells the same. I've been to Bejing and the great wall, Xian and the terra cotta statues, Harbin and the Russian border, Guanzhou and the markets, Shanghai and the Bund river, believe me it all smells the same. I'm not talking about the stench from the straight plumbing at the public toilets, the good food smells from an abundance of restaurants, or anything like that, the smell is from, what I believe, is a mix of diesel ,and charcoal/coal used as heating sources, it really smells.....industrial, thats about the only way to describe it not a good smell, not a bad smell, I sure it's not healthy, but it does have a very industrial odor to it. The last thing is lights, lights, lights. If you're expecting a backwards country, you've come to the wrong place, there is more neon in any large city in China to make Las Vegas blush, everything is quite mordern buildings, clothing styles, even new ways of food prep. Throw out all of the old conceptions and ideas of China, forget about anything political (the people there are the same as the folks in the US... live and let live, but the goverment will always find ways to screw the people over) and just visit China, you won't regret it.
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