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The infamous Fremont Troll

Well, we head back to Seattle with a few hours left to sightsee and hopefully grab a light dinner before I get dropped off at the airport for my 9:45pm flight (not sure what I was thinking booking the last flight out....).  As we head back into Seattle - we find the RAIN! My first "real" Seattle rain.

Yeah, no....not fun.  That was the one benefit to living in Las Vegas for a few years!  Sacramento rains pretty regularly but it's much more tolerable since I work at home now as commuting in the rain was a $&*%#!  Sitting in Shane's vehicle brought flashbacks to my commuting days back in LA during "La Nina".  HA HA. 

As a FedEx driver, the rain and traffic didn't even cause Shane to blink and knowing all the backroads, we were off the freeway and I got to see some pretty interesting neighborhoods in Seattle.

Close up of me and the troll
  We checked out a beef jerky factory store (like I needed to pack anything else in my overstuff suitcase) and then drove around some super cool neighborhoods.  Hard to believe there are actually places just as expensive (if not more) than California but we found them! LOL.

Our last stop was to be the signature photo from Shane's profile - the Fremont Troll. I wanted to see this thing in person because I was intrigued after seeing the photos Shane had posted.  Fortunately it had stopped raining, allowing us an opportunity to take some photos and not become drowned rats!  This troll was HUGE - definitely off the beaten path and no way would I have ever found it!  Of course, had to snap a few photos and get back in the vehicle so we could defrost yet again.  Unfortunately, my true colors emerged as the klutz I really am!  Shane was trying to be a gentleman just as I bent over to check for mud on my shoes and, CLUNK.

Full view - gives you a perspective how big he actually is!
  Yeah, my head and his car door...not a pretty mix.  LOL.

Since I was hurting pretty bad after that, we scraped the dinner idea and headed straight to the airport! :-(  I still had to try and cram all my luggage together and just figured I would do it in the airport since it was raining outside again.  We said our goodbyes and I headed in to rearrange luggage, get my boarding pass, and settle in to blog a bit since I had over 2 hours to kill before my flight left.  I squished all my stuff and headed up to the SW counter and when the lady asked where I was going - I couldn't tell her! LOL. I stood there for a minute and was completely confused on where I was and where I was headed. HA HA.  I blurted out "Sacramento" and she had my ID and said no, I was headed to Oakland.  No, I was sure now...Sacramento, that's where I live.  She told me no again - I asked whether the flight had been cancelled or whether it was being rerouted to Oakland and she proceeded to tell me I was booked on that flight.  Now I was sure I had a concussion because I really did not remember booking Oakland.....I got dropped off at the Sac airport which is 20 minutes from my house - Oakland is 1 1/2 hours.  Come to find out, someone with almost an identical name was booked on the Oakland flight and she managed to find my Sacramento itinerary! WHEWWWWW! 

10 minutes later, I was through security, had settled in at my gate (or what I thought was my gate until I realized shortly before boarding I was like 3 gates away). DUH! I was so excited because I was 17 in the boarding line...until I head there were only 34 people on the entire plane!! HAHA.  Had an entire row to myself and managed to catch a quick catnap before landing in my RIGHT destination right on time....11:30pm!  I was happy to be home but really did enjoy my time up in Seattle and can't thank Shane enough for being the best tour guide and a great friend!!! :-)  Until next time....

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The infamous Fremont Troll
The infamous Fremont Troll
Close up of me and the troll
Close up of me and the troll
Full view - gives you a perspectiv…
Full view - gives you a perspecti…
photo by: diisha392