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Carnaval impression

Etiquette for carnaval:

Vasteloavend= Carnaval

red= rood but with carnaval > roet

yellow= geel , during carnaval > gel

green= groen, carnaval > greun

  • There's also a song about roet,gel en greun , remember these words and you can sing along ;)
  • Go dressed , be creative ;)
  • Shmink = to paint your face
  • Don't walk along with the parades!
  • There is always a Prince of carnaval and maybe a prinsess.. watch them, they throw candy!
  • sing( songs are realllly easy,  mostly only one line),dance,drink(Brand beer) all over Maastricht for 5 days or 7
  • Carnaval is al about the number 11,the call it the crazy number 'gekkegetal' , so on the 11th of the 11th... 11 november, the new prince will be choosen and theres a 1day party
  • Every town has a 'lempkes optocht' light parade in the evening!
  • One week before carnaval starts there is a ' ouw wiever bal' this is only for women, they have to dress up like 'old women' and then party... but i guess if your a guy and dress up like an old lady your welcome as well ;)





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Carnaval impression
Carnaval impression
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this is carnaval as well ;)
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winterwonderland (iceskating)
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