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this is suppose to last us till december- not much but still hell to lug around

“Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.”


- Oliver Goldsmith 1728-1774, Anglo-Irish Author, Poet, Playwright 


Rome, Italy, chaos and misunderstanding are two words that fail to sum up this great city and yet they are the only two right now that come to mind.


We had a bitter time in Rome, mainly because of how we arrived and how we were stuck trying to find a place to stay in a tourist packed area.

i can't tell you how tired we were at this point- i'm waiting outside for Chris to try and secure us our room
We wanted to be near the bus station so when we needed to bounce we could do so without having to pay a taxi to get there. This though just meant we had to pay more for a room. It would have been no big deal and I would have thought nothing about dropping 40 euro for a double private room with its own shower and next to the bathroom- but I had just lost $300 in unexpected expenses so I was feeling very, very tight about what I spent. The room we go was a part of a hostile called the Fawlty Towers, a popular hostile for travelers and backpackers. The room was nice enough and we had a good view of the bustling city underneath.


“An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.”

-   G. K. Chesterton 


Neither me and Chris felt like getting out there and looking for trouble or trying out any discos.

only "real" italian food we got- hella good
At best we felt like just wandering absently through the city. Neither of us, no matter how many cool little places we found and nice surprises we found felt like staying long in Rome. Whatever I have to offer on this city is vague and very limited so, understand when I tell you we wanted to get out of Rome, it had little to do with the city and everything to do with our mood and anxiousness to get to Albania (which felt so close now it hurt.)  We only had the room for that one night and we would have had to scrounge up another place- which seemed a near impossibility because of something going on at the Vatican not too far away from where we were, which was a popular launch point for tourists and travelers alike.


We did catch a small little Italian restaurant, with a fiery little waiter named, well actually I named him Luigi, but either way he was a fan of yelling at any foreigners or anyone who did not know his beautiful Italian language, and though he strutted around, all 4’9 of him with a gruff, disgruntled type of exterior, he loved the camera and warmed up to us immediately when we asked to take his picture.

everyone says it 'that's amore' but i say "igyish byegur pugidwash" pizza was soo good- or maybe it was the sitting that was soo good


One of the nice surprises we had was we visited a beautiful church encrusted in a red rock jutting out awkwardly in the middle of this beautiful historical center. There is something to be said about being in a place of peace, where spirituality and openness to God is welcome and rewarded. Just walking in I felt my spirit sink into what seemed like the couch of a familiar friend’s place. The beauty, shade and quiet gave us a place to just rest and contemplate.


I find this type of traveling so much more wearisome than, vagabonding or backpacking. We had an agenda and a relatively tight budget to get there. But it wasn’t that, I think it was the fact that we were not in Rome or really London to see the city, though we did and saw a lot- we were just passing through on our way to our real destination of Albania.

Luigi- he really warmed up to us at a pic- a real britney spears he was :)
So, for us going to these great cities was a bit distracting because we were passerby’s not, absorbers and sponges to the sights around us, unfortunately our hearts and minds were already set on another destination. I hope to revisit these cities under more preferable circumstances.


We still managed some good stuff in Rome. I am a creature of the night, so as we walked around at night, grabbed a small meal and some gelato, got proposed for sex by some old Italian lady or to hook us up with some girls for fun, we managed to find the Coliseum which at night is beautiful and then get lost on the way back.


I didn’t mind at all- I would have preferred to just walk slowly around- barely a stroll and soak up the night air and pulse that is a Latin city at night. A pulse that Rome holds its own beat too, there is no doubt that I would love Rome’s nightlife and it would be killer with friends.

chris is 5'6 or 5'7, so now you get the picture, just a little ball of dynamite aren't ya- you little guy!
Chris though wanted to get a phone card and make some calls home so being lost meant we had to walk faster and quicker before the shops we knew in that area closed. Oh well, there is always next time.


By the way- Italian women- holy damn (and that’s all I have to say about that- actually its not…) It’s not that these women are more beautiful than the women of other countries, it is their sensual presence and how you feel challenged and pulled by them in the way smile at you or just walk by you, Gucci glasses on, a strut in their hips. They know they’re hot and wanted and they know you know it- and it drives ‘em. I loved it- I don’t know why. That crap pisses me off in America but here, it was sultry and wanting.


Either way we were out of Rome by the next day as we scored two good priced tickets to Bari and from Bari we would set off by ship or ferry to Durres, Albania.





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this is suppose to last us till de…
this is suppose to last us till d…
i cant tell you how tired we were…
i can't tell you how tired we wer…
only real italian food we got- h…
only "real" italian food we got- …
everyone says it thats amore bu…
everyone says it 'that's amore' b…
Luigi- he really warmed up to us a…
Luigi- he really warmed up to us …
chris is 56 or 57, so now you ge…
chris is 5'6 or 5'7, so now you g…
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