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Luxor temple by night. and Ramses II statue in Karnak temple
Luxor is an obligatory stop for the first time cultural tourist to Egypt and for many repeat visitors. A second attraction is the natural beauty of the Theban Mountains and the Nile river, which offer outstanding scenery for all types of tourists. A third attraction is the local village life present in the Luxor and throughout the river valley, relevant for the cultural tourist. This beauty is not at all unique to Luxor as it is found throughout the Nile river valley and in many of the country's Oases. Finaly a fourth attraction is the mild, dry sunny weather of the region for most of the year particularly in the winter months.
Luxor Is a city in Upper Egypt about 680 kilometres (422 miles) south of Cairo.
2 different boats in Nile river
The modern city of Luxor is the site of ancient Thebes, which extended across both banks of the Nile River. The antiquities on both banks of the Nile in the region of Luxor constitute the area's key attraction.The antiquities of Luxor represent some of the finest examples of mankind's early civilisation and rank among its greatest cultural achievements. These sites, and their dramatic Nile valley setting, have placed Luxor on the exclusive UNESCO World Heritage Site list as one of only 560 natural and cultural sites worldwide.
Luxor is governed by special statues (The Higher Council for the City of Luxor) that allow it more autonomy then other political areas of Egypt. One thing you might notice is that various government and other buildings confirm to an 'ancient' building code. Particularly, the National bank of Egypt ( located near the Winter Palace ), and the railway station are all designed to appear as pharaonic constructions .
Luxor temple by night
All of this occurred after the Egyptianization of the modern town resulting mostly from the mania that resulted from Howard Carter's discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. As one might think, the city has all the amenities tourists might expect, including a variety of hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

The Luxor area fulfils different functions regarding the tourism that it serves. The role Luxor currently is playing for Egypt's tourism is really important:-
1- A Prime Destination for culture tourism. Luxor serves as the primary gateway to Upper Egypt.
2- A Base for the Cruise Industry. Luxor serves as the main port for Nile Cruisers. Nearly all cruises operate between Luxor and Aswan as the extended cruise between Cairo and Upper Egypt has been discontinued.

west bank of Luxor. here is Ramseum temple of Ramses II

3- An Emerging Destination for long - stay Vacationers . The long - term vacationers favour some resorts in the city, and a number of homes and guesthouses located on both banks of the river. As temporary residents for several weeks or months, their average daily expenditure is typically much less than the general average for tourists.
4- A prime Destination for Day-long Excursions. Tourists lodged in Cairo, on The Red Sea cost or in Aswan can easily purchase day-long excursions by bus or airplane to visit Luxor. These generate the least benefit for the local economy.

In November 1996, the Luxor study Area's population totalled 361,138 persons. Of these, 153,758 ( 42,6%) lived in the city of Luxor ( including Gourna) and the remainder 207,380 (57.4%) lived in the Markhaz ( the city of Bayadiya and 15 village administrations on both sides of the river).
Between now and 2020, if pro-active planning does not occur, the natural pressures of population growth and increased tourism will pose grave risks to Luxor's man-made, culture, and natural resources. A coherent and coordinated plan is needed to protect the character and quality of Luxor.

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Luxor temple by night. and Ramses …
Luxor temple by night. and Ramses…
2 different boats in Nile river
2 different boats in Nile river
Luxor temple by night
Luxor temple by night
west bank of Luxor. here is Ramseu…
west bank of Luxor. here is Ramse…
Hotairballoon over west bank of Lu…
Hotairballoon over west bank of L…
luxor temple
luxor temple
station street, view to Luxot temp…
station street, view to Luxot tem…
Abou AL Hagag square, and here we …
Abou AL Hagag square, and here we…
view to the Nile river and here we…
view to the Nile river and here w…
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