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We were watching google earth on Denmark and we discovered a 'desert' near Brande! so we decided to check it out! so we did on the 18th of april..  we went by bike from Herning.. and when we came there we were suprised how beautiful it is there! lakes,beaches.. but you also have to be carefull there and stay on the tracs because some places are really swamp-isch you can easily get stuck and even if you fall in one of those lakes you can drown .. but okay enough about the bad side... there are also small lakes were you CAN swim which we didnt.. still a bit to chilly.. and when your riding through the park ,along the way you will find historical information about the worked here back in the days becasue it used to be one big black cole mine...  and as we left the swamp park we found a new attraction a mountain which you can climbe to get a nice view! it was really amazingto see because the mountain was white-ish and the water was a bit turqoise blue.. so we went up the mountain and we saw our Hojskole!! (our home) far away  and on the other side of the mountain we saw an island looking like a senario in the pirates of the carribean ;)  we thought this would be a perfect place to have our picknick and as we unpacked all our food we discovereed it was to windy, our lunch almost flew away, so we packed it again!  Trying to find another place more comfortable to lunch.. but first we found a Gallery opening along the way .. we decided to stop to go to the toilet but when we came in we saw a band playing cheerful music and a big buffet and free drinks everywhere.. and the artist invited us to have something to eat and drink as well... it was delicous, lucky us !  After that we found a nice place to picknick as well... it was great day!

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