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So today sucks. I am bored out of my mind and I can't wait for Jeremy to arrive tomorrow. It's been cold and rainy today and the baby has been crying nonstop! So much so that I am really worried I got her sick because I kind of got off the plane, headed straight to Ale's and then held the baby, kissing her hands and stuff though I was careful to stay away from her face most of the day.

So it's a damp icebox here and apparently in Rome, it is law for heat to be shut off after April 15. This is in addition to air conditioning beind non-existant (like in Geneva). So it's freezing, there's no source of heat and the baby is wailing away. This makes for a very unhappy Jen.

THEN of course I would forget that they also don't use DRYERS here because that is also very energy consuming and considered a waste. I accidentally asked Ale to wash my Jefferies sweater since I wear it at home to keep warm. I realize, shit, I'm leaving to pick up Jeremy and am going straight to my hotel tomorrow morning, my sweater will NEVER be dry in time!

I am wracking my brain as to what to do. Should I light candles? They don't have a hair dryer (probably also illegal for all I know) so my last ditch effort to dry my sweater is to PUT MY LAPTOP ON IT since my laptop generates a bit of heat and will hopefully speed up the drying process a little. I'm thinking of opening multiple programs so that the CPU gets overclocked and spits out more heat.

Oh my god, I am HATING europe. I can't believe they can simultanously tax the crap out of people here and then limit their liberties so much. I'm not talking about human rights and stuff, but just.. isn't something like saving energy a personal choice?? I would definitely pay a few bucks to have some freaking heat right now, a radiator I can drape myself and my sweater over...
mcheema says:
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
sincitytraveler says:
OMG this could have been a Seinfeld in Rome episode! LOL I'm sure not funny when it was happening but you have to admit its quite comical now! ;) Would have been freakin hilarious if the baby was ugly and you had to put the sweater on wet and cold and had to exclaim..."it's PERKAGE!" ---okay I know I'm warped ;)
Posted on: Apr 22, 2008
w_clemmons says:
poor jenn. don't worry, you'll be home soon!
Posted on: Apr 19, 2008
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