It's 5:30am, do you know where your travbuddies are?

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Well I do! Chatted a bit with Mattrilla this morning, who was really sorry to not be able to join me in Rome. Woteva! (as the Brits would say). I'm just hoping to survive and find Jeremy. Would have been awesome to have Matt here but my schedule is pretty packed as it is. Plus, it would have ruined our future honeymoon together!

Best friend Joyce is awake, as is Will, thank god. My mind is spinning but it was nice to have a little chat here, a little text there. I'm trying to get him to send me a pix msg of him in uniform! but have been unsuccessful =(

Don't know how I'm going to entertain myself on this insane flight as I've lost my 2nd iPod in NY and only have 1 Benedryl left to knock me out! Packed pajama pants in my carry-on in case NY gets a little cold.
I'm so bored I'm blogging to myself right now since it's Tuesday and normally I'd be hustling people out of their sanity at work.

This flight is so different from my last trip where I met such nice people on the way to Mexico City! Kinda weirdos on this flight. Oh I would so much rather be in Mexico right now! George, is it too late to sneak me into the carry on?? Ah, next time, my comandante friend.. I will see you soon.

I don' t know why I am having such anxiety traveling without my travbuddies. I've traveled all over the world before, by myself, the craziest one being trekking through the south of france without a car nor a working knowledge of French! And I know I'm meeting my friend Ale, but I just miss the celebration of life that is being/talking to/traveling with Travbuddies =)


Until later!
AndiPerullo says:
Um, you know I would have been awake! Why didn't you call/text me??? Baci belissima!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
kristinasub says:
Dear , just don't forget any moment : VIVA LA DOLCE VITA !!! :O)) ENJOY !!!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
Hurch says:
yes, sadly too late now to pack you into the carry-on. I think I might be able to hide you under the pink shirt in the future though! back in Florida enjoying some unseasonably cool breezes.
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
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