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say Hi Eric!

You always recognize a good face when you see one, Meeting Eric, was purely coincidence, we send a few messages on meeting in Antigua,  i met him while i was on a tour bus heading to Pacaya volcano with Matt, what are the chances of meeting him there, when there's alot of travel agencies, or tours headed that way in different hours.

When he got onboard the tour bus, I immediately recognize him, and introduce myself, asked if he was Eric, and yeah!, there we were together on the same bus as planned, ready to start the trip to Escuintla and hike Pacaya Volcano... ohh! wait a minute!, it was not planned, at least not for any of us two, but who knows it could be a coincidence, things never go as planned, its a small world after all, aint it?.

poor me! :(

At the start of the tour, after buying our tickets, we started the long road up to the peak of the volcano, we talked about anything that came up to our minds, it was like catching up on things, even though we were hiking, breathin gets harder, it was very cool to get to know him, and see what a great, cool, amazing guy he is, if you have the chance, i recommend you to meet Eric.

Once up at the volcano, the view is impressive also the heat around you, all the excitement, every minute you're up there, u want to keep it in your mind, in a life experience and in photographs. unfortunatelly while hiking i gave a bad step on one of the rocks of dry lava while taking a picture,  and there i go down on my knees, thank God there was no live lava near to me, i ended up at the hospital, got 6 stitches on my right knee, and some scratches on both my hands and fingers, had to stay in Antigua Guatemala for an extra night, because i couldn't drive back to Guatemala city, but it was all worth it, i got to meet and hang out with Eric later that day and also the next day and had a great time.



john1112 says:
Oohh yeah! every minute of the 2 days was totally worth it.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2010
iramalama says:
Ouch! So was it worth it?
Posted on: Jan 22, 2010
montecarlostar says:
Oh wow, I didn't know there were active volcanos in Guatemala. I must go there soon!
Posted on: Jan 16, 2010
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say Hi Eric!
say Hi Eric!
poor me!

poor me! :(
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